Webinar part 3: It’s all about results

Posted June 2nd, 2020

Next week we'll be running the last part of our series of webinars under the theme AI-powered Search and Match: add value to a business under financial strain

The third and final webinar It’s all about results - Identifying the best candidates fastest will take place on Wednesday 10th June at 3pm BST.

We invite you to join our experts Adrian Farthing and David Mercer for 30 minutes, once again we'll be answering your questions live. It was nice to see so many of you tuning in last week!

Would you like to find out how optimising your search can increase your team’s efficiency? Are you spending too much time working outside your CRM and missing relevant candidates? Would you like to understand how candidates have been ranked – for instance why the top 5 candidates made it to the top?

Tune in as Adrian and David discuss the difference between natural language ranking versus matched term hits, and how intelligent scoring and filters can truly create the best shortlist.

We’ll be giving you insights on how to find the best candidates fastest, including:

  • Identifying the candidates your recruiters can’t find

  • Generating a shortlist of relevant candidates faster

  • Reducing costs by identifying job board candidates who are already in your database

Would you like to get better results faster while improving data in your CRM? If so, tune in for half an hour and ask any questions you want.

This webinar has now passed and you can watch it in full here.

Overview of the webinar series:

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