Why Boolean searches belong to the past

Posted May 27th, 2020

Today we ran the second part of our series of webinars under the theme AI-powered Search and Match: add value to a business under financial strain. Thanks to everyone who tuned in to discuss how advanced search techniques have evolved from Boolean searches. It was nice to see so much interaction once again!

In this webinar Adrian Farthing and David Mercer explain how DaXtra Search has revolutionised sourcing by overcoming the challenges with building Boolean searches, to ensure you never miss out on the right candidates. They explore some of the ways in which technology is helping to improve the recruitment process and make room for the high value human element that is at the core of successful recruitment.

What's covered in the webinar?

This 30-minute webinar gives you insights on why Boolean searches belong to the past, including:
• The challenges with building Boolean searches
• Why recruiters overlook the candidates in your database
• How DaXtra Search AI has revolutionised sourcing

What are the main challenges?

Are you spending too much time working outside your CRM and missing candidates? Do your current searches return unsuitable candidates? Recruiters are not coders and it's easy to make mistakes, unless you consider yourself a Boolean Blackbelt. It’s also common to struggle with a CRM’s document indexing and it can be difficult to refine results effectively.

How can DaXtra help solve these challenges?

Our goal is to help recruiters be efficient and save time. That's why our solutions suggest terms to easily construct a complex search query. Our intelligent matching consistently analyses a job description to build a query, in line with expectations of Gen Z recruiters.

Gen Z recruiters’ expectations

New recruiters expect the technology to help them be productive - if they find it too complex or the results aren't relevant, they might move on to other tools. Time is a key element for them - it takes too long to search over multiple sources. They want to be able to run one search across multiple sources, quickly shortlist the best candidates and focus on what the core of recruitment is - to build relationships with candidates and clients.

Free Text Boolean vs Intelligent Ranking

Free text Boolean search means no intelligent ranking – it will either return all the results that contain the search term in a sorted order (alphabetical, data updated etc.) or based on the number of times the terms are mentioned in the CV. It doesn’t understand the meaning, context or relevance of the term, only that it appears within the text. Having to type out every term expansion and update this manually is time-consuming.

Thankfully DaXtra Search has revolutionised sourcing:
• AI Term Expansion enables you to find the relevant candidates, no matter how they describe their expertise on their CV.
• Thanks to our Term Categorisation we understand what the term means, not just what it says.
• Term Proficiency means we can specify the exact candidates to the job criteria.

As a result, we are able to automatically build instant shortlists of the relevant candidates for any given job, based on their experience, skills and the context in which we have found them.

Maximising the value of your database

Often the best candidates will already exist within your CRM/ATS, in which the business has invested significant time and money. We help maximise the value of your database and make sure you get a stronger shortlist faster without the need to manually code candidates or learn complicated Boolean.
DaXtra Search uses natural language processing to find relevant candidates faster and match them to your jobs based on context and experience. This means your recruiters will be able to find candidates in your database however they have been coded in the past.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have. 

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