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What is CV/Resume Parsing?

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Resume or CV Parsing is key in any automation recruitment processing system. Why is this important for you to know and understand? Find out more in DaXtra’s white paper. 



What is Semantic Search?

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How is semantic search making an impact on the recruiting industry? Why does it matter? This DaXtra white paper will clue you in on the intricacies behind the scenes of semantic search and why it’s becoming popular when searching.


Types of Parsers and How They Work

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Do you know the difference between a Keyword-Based Parser and a Statistical Parser? Learn more about the different types of parsers and how they work in this DaXtra white paper.



A.I.: A No-Brainer for Recruitment

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How exactly is artificial intelligence disrupting the recruitment industry? Find out how Natural Language Processing, Semantic Search and Machine Learning are proving to be game changers for recruiters.


Key Measurements of a Good Parser 

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You are evaluating parsers for your recruiting effort. What should you look for in a good resume parser? This white paper includes the questions you should be asking about CV/Resume Parsers.



CV/Resume Parsing – Fact or Fiction

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No two parsers are the same. Find out what determines accuracy and how parsers are trained. Separate the fact from fiction as you learn more about parsers, how they work and what they do.