Webinar: how does DaXtra Search differ from a built-in CRM search?

Posted May 13th, 2020

It’s been a difficult couple of months and the recruitment industry is among the first to suffer at times of financial strain, however it is also the first to recover – let’s get ready for the recovery, it will be fast!

Recruiters need to be able to deal with the plethora of new candidates now - there are going to be jobs to fill and an abundance of applicants to fill those positions.




In the first part of our series of webinars Adrian Farthing and David Mercer discuss the different ways of searching for candidates and the benefits of natural language Search and Match. They explain how DaXtra Search understands the meaning, context and relevancy of terms, to ensure you never miss out on the right candidates. They explore some of the ways in which technology is helping to improve the recruitment process and make room for the high value human element that - even in these times of isolation - is at the core of successful recruitment.

What's covered in the webinar?

This 30-minute webinar gives you insights on how DaXtra Search differs from a built-in CRM search, including:

  • Natural language
  • Term expansion & suggestion
  • Searching multiple sources simultaneously

What are the main challenges?

How do you overcome the challenges when it comes to searching and finding candidates effectively? How do you deal with duplicate and out of date records? Are your consultants ignoring your CRM and spending more time on job boards, therefore not leveraging your database?

How can DaXtra help solve these challenges? 

Our solutions are designed to help recruiters be efficient and save time. One of our differentiating factors is being able to identify the unique skills and attributes of candidates and how they write about themselves, in over 40 languages.

The importance of understanding the context of a CV

It uses natural language processing to find relevant candidates faster and match them to your jobs based on context and experience. As a result, your recruiters will be able to find candidates in your database however they have been coded in the past. You don’t need to manually code candidates or learn complicated Boolean search methods.

Often the best candidates will already exist within your CRM/ATS, in which the business has invested significant time and money. We help maximise the value of your database. 

DaXtra Search vs a CRM built-in search

Whilst our CRM partners have built fantastic solutions that cater to many requirements, we've focused our time on searching/matching and understanding the context of CV/job data over the past 18 years - we've built a great search tool which complements the CRMs. 

This means we are able to automatically build instant shortlists of the relevant candidates for any given job, based on their experience, skills and the context in which we have found them. 

We look forward to answering any questions you may have. 

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