Video: AI-powered sourcing - find the best candidates fast

Posted June 22nd, 2021

On Thursday 17th June David Mercer and Yoan Ciciretti took part in the UK Recruiter Recruitment Technology Showcase. Just like in 2020, the event took place virtually and began with each company giving a 2-minute speed pitch of what their business does, the solutions they provide and how they help their clients.

David and Yoan ran two 25 minute masterclass sessions. The first session, ‘AI-Powered Sourcing: Find the Candidates you Never Knew Existed’, started with Yoan giving an overview of some of the problems you might be experiencing with your current candidate search software, including:
  • Inconsistent, incomplete or inaccurate candidate data causing candidates to slip through the cracks, leading to missed opportunities
  • Your CRM search may have no concept of synonyms or aliases to find relevant candidates, meaning your recruiters have to learn complex Boolean search terms to find candidates
  • If your recruiters can’t find relevant candidates quickly, they could be wasting time, money and resources searching on external job boards for candidates who might already be in your CRM

Following on from Yoan’s overview, David gave a demo showing how DaXtra Search Nexus helps to solve these problems by allowing you to:

  • Search your internal and external talent pools simultaneously to quickly find the best candidates for the roles you’re looking to fill
  • Type a term and see a list of related synonyms to accurately identify candidates, no matter how they’ve described themselves
  • Set the required experience and proficiency for each individual search term to quickly find relevant candidates within your CRM
You can find more information about DaXtra Search Nexus here, and a round-up of the second DaXtra session ‘Don’t hurt your brand with bad data: how automation improves candidate experience’ here.

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