Video: how automation and good data improve candidate experience

Posted June 22nd, 2021

On Thursday 17th June David Mercer and Yoan Ciciretti ran two 25 minute masterclass sessions as part of the UK Recruiter Recruitment Technology Showcase. Our second session hosted by David and Yoan, ‘Don’t hurt your brand with bad data: how automation improves candidate experience’ began with Yoan examining some of the common causes of bad candidate data, such as:
  •  CV backlogs causing delays in candidate profiles being updated
  •  Upload issues from CVs coming from multiple sources and in multiple formats
  •  Human error when manually inputting candidate data, causing incomplete or duplicate candidate profiles

After introducing these problems, David gave a demonstration of how DaXtra Capture resolves these issues by:

  •  Automatically extracting key candidate information from a CV as soon as it's received before   converting it into organised, searchable candidate data
  •  Automatically updating a candidate record whenever a candidate sends in an updated CV
  •  Running a thorough deduplication process with each update to make sure there are no double   candidate profile entries on your CRM

Having a CRM full of good, clean candidate data allows you to improve candidate experience by only contacting candidates about roles that are most relevant to their skills and expertise. In addition, automating manual tasks such as candidate loading gives your recruiters more time to proactively engage with these candidates and make more placements.

You can learn more about DaXtra Capture here and watch our first session ‘AI-powered sourcing: Find the candidates you never knew existed’ here.


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