Our takeaways: Executive Forum North America 2022

Posted March 9th, 2022

It was an incredible week and we had a terrific time at SIA Executive Forum North America. It was fantastic to see everyone in person and begin to get back to some kind of “normal.”

This event was packed with information along with some utterly inspiring and insightful talks and sessions.

Between keynotes and breakout sessions we were able to connect with many of you who are some of the smartest and most ambitious in the staffing industry. With you, we were able to share the industry trends and buzz and gain some insight into what you see ahead for your business and the industry as a whole.

Many topics of discussion were germane to our typical conversations, driving home the relevancy of our intelligent recruitment solutions and the benefits they offer staffing firms like yours.

Themes included:

  • Sourcing candidates
  • Recruitment automation
  • Diversity, equality and inclusion
  • Balance between humans and technology

Sourcing candidates

Sourcing qualified candidates is what we’re all about at Daxtra. Searching, finding and matching the best candidates out there and delivering them with the most comprehensive and cleanest data possible is our focus and specialty.

Our products like Daxtra Search Nexus and Daxtra Capture work within your ATS or CRM to boost the functionality in areas like searching, matching, data management and data loading.

Recruitment automation

With these products comes the automation that is in such high demand. Our tech solutions automate tasks and workflows using machine learning and artificial intelligence to automatically complete recruitment duties that would otherwise have to be carried out manually. This allows recruiters to work more efficiently.

This technology helps process large-scale data-driven work faster and more accurately, giving recruiters more time to concentrate on one-on-one meetings and interviews.

DE&I initiatives

The features in Daxtra Search Nexus also allow for non-biased searches to be conducted, bringing in results that through the Daxtra Styler component can be presented to clients and hiring managers with bias-causing data redacted. You have the luxury of having the DEI data at your fingertips for reporting purposes, but not letting that data interfere in hiring decisions.

Humans and tech, in balance

There are tools on the market that claim to automate processes, but with Daxtra products, there is a true balance between automation and the human touch.

When it comes to AI and automation one misconception that stands out is that entire workflow processes will be automated, leaving humans out of the picture. With Daxtra that couldn’t be further from the truth.

When it comes to staffing, we know the value of human interaction. Relationships take center stage in recruiting and can’t be separated from the process. Automation doesn’t mean you push a button and cogs turn and a conveyor belt delivers a qualified candidate.

There are numerous steps along the way where the recruiter needs to be present and make decisions. This gives a healthy balance to the process.

Working together

There are many tech stack products and services out there to automate and improve these systems and processes. These candidate engagement tools interact with the candidate and nurture relationships. Daxtra works closely with many of these tools to support building and improving your talent pipeline to help hire better candidates.

With our multilingual data capture, parsing, searching, matching and aggregation solutions we can help enhance your recruitment database software with intelligent, integrated, highly accurate results, providing powerful recruitment tools for retrieving, categorizing, storing, managing, analyzing and searching candidate and vacancy data.

At EFNA we were inspired by the opportunity to meet and talk to many of you in the industry.

We spoke to partners, customers and others considering various recruitment solutions on a wide range of topics and were presented with tremendous opportunities to network and partner.

We know we can make a difference in your processes and ultimately improve your bottom line.

If you didn't have the opportunity to attend the SIA Executive Forum this year, or missed us and are interested in learning more about Candidate Sourcing, read more about the Future of Candidate Search, or even better, sign up for a Demo of our Daxtra Products.


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