Webinar video: powering your tech stack with recruitment automation

Posted April 22nd, 2021

In our recent webinar ‘Building a successful tech stack: How good data fuels recruitment automation’, Adrian Farthing and David Mercer looked at why automation is key to building a successful tech stack and why good data underpins the recruitment process. You can watch the full webinar in the video below.

What does automation mean for you?

From ordering a package to receiving a notification that our favourite takeaway dish has arrived, automation is a common part of our daily lives. Automation reduces the amount of time we have to spend on mundane, boring tasks.

The goal of recruitment automation is exactly the same, it’s about taking away administrative tasks from recruiters so they can spend more time on the human element of recruiting, building relationships with candidates and clients and ultimately making more placements.

Automation is vital for marketing your brand, getting your jobs in front of candidates as quickly as possible and ensuring your recruiters are maximising their productivity.

How does DaXtra fuel your automation?

Automated data loading

You might use a variety of manual or semi-manual methods of getting candidate data in your database. Manual and semi-manual processes such as dragging and dropping a CV into your database, coding skill codes and even semi-automatic processes such as a CRM extracting basic data from a CV all require a recruiter’s involvement.

These processes open your database up to the risk of bad data, either through duplicate data entering your CRM, data being inputted incorrectly or incompletely, or other user error. Recruiters are busy and don’t have the time to check that the information they're manually inputting is 100% accurate every single time.

To help with this DaXtra automatically loads candidate data into your database, to ensure no candidate gets lost. We run a thorough deduplication check to ensure no duplicate entries are being created, and our parsing extracts rich structured data from a candidate’s CV to populate your database with clean, accurate candidate data.

Automated candidate sourcing

In addition to loading good candidate data into your database, DaXtra can help automate your candidate sourcing process. When you have an incoming job, DaXtra can search across multiple sources, including your ATS or CRM and job boards, match candidates to the job and rank them based on the context of their skills and experience to build a long list of suitable candidates for the role.

A candidate engagement tool can then take this candidate list and pre-market your job to the list of candidates gathering their interest in the role and consent to be contacted. Interested candidates are then shortlisted to the relevant role in your database, ready for a recruiter to contact.

Automated CV styling and more

You can further build out these automation workflows by adding CV styling. When you receive an inbound candidate CV, and DaXtra extracts the candidate data, DaXtra Styler can simultaneously format the candidate's CV with your branding and house style.

This webinar shows how you can automate some of your key recruitment workflows. It's vital to remember that good quality data forms the basis of all your automation and engagement. Our automation powers existing tools that you might already have in, or be looking to add to your tech stack. Once you have good data as the foundation of your recruitment process, you can get the most out of your tech stack - to promote your brand, to have better quality conversations with candidates and clients, and make placements faster.

To discuss how our automation could help power your tech stack, do get in touch.

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