Make a wish! 12 sourcing wishes granted using DaXtra Search Nexus

Posted September 29th, 2021

It’s through relationships with our clients that much of our technology has been developed.

Listening to what our customers need to do their jobs and what they would like to be able to do with the DaXtra tools they use has spurred innovation in the development of our recruiting software products. Because of this continual feedback, DaXtra has developed some of the best cutting-edge solutions in sourcing, parsing and the recruiting industry as a whole.

This is how we’ve continually developed DaXtra Search Nexus. Building upon the wants and needs of our clients, we’ve made their wishes realities. For new prospects, it sometimes feels like we can wave a magic wand and grant their wishes when we tell them all of the cool things DaXtra Search Nexus can do. Your wish is our command!

The following are a dozen candidate search wishes granted:


“I wish I could conduct searches over my database and my job boards, all at the same time without leaving my system.”     

With Single Action Searches you’re able to search over your local database along with multiple online sources, all in one single action. Online sources might include your job boards, social networking sites and your emails. There's no need to leave your system, you can conduct searches all from within your CRM or ATS. This allows you to unify all sourcing efforts into a single workflow.

“I’d like to take a skill or job title and build a cloud of related skills or job titles to use in searches and then expand it to include synonyms and abbreviations.”

With Term Suggestion, you can build a query to generate a term cloud of related terms you could use to search. These terms are ranked based on relevance and the most commonly used terms in the candidate profiles within your database.

You can then type a term to see all the possible synonyms with Term Expansion. The AI semantic expansion analyzes your search terms and automatically builds a list of synonyms. This means you can find candidates no matter how they’re described, even abbreviations.


“I’m tired of entering the same search information again and again. I wish I could save my searches so I could come back to a previously run search to search for more candidates. And, can I save a collection of often-used terms so when I’m searching for the same or similar candidates, I can run a search from that collection?”

Saved Searches allows you to come back to a previously run search and pick up right where you left off without re-entering search criteria.

You can build collections of terms to save and reuse for future searches with Saved Collections. Instead of creating a new search each time, you’re able to save time with lists of your most used terms that can automatically be run as a search whenever you need to.


“I’d like to be able to group search terms into categories like skill, job title, company, language, qualification or industry, to be able to more accurately define a candidate.”

With Term Categorization, you can target the perfect candidates with precise accuracy. Terms are automatically categorized by context into skill, job title, company, language, qualification or industry allowing you to focus your search to find candidates based on the context of what you need.


“I wish I had a search agent that would continually conduct searches for specific candidates, even while I’m sleeping and then magically deliver the results to me.”

Our Watchdog function runs automated searches overnight and delivers a batch of candidates that are new or that you may have missed on your last search. While you’re sleeping these search agents are at work funneling the latest and greatest search results directly to your inbox so you can hit the ground running each morning with a list of fresh candidates.


“I’d like to see candidates ranked and to understand how and why some rank higher than others.”

Candidate resumes are automatically ranked on contextual relevancy; how many times the search terms appear and where they appear. Candidate Scoring allows you to see details on how a candidate was ranked and the data can then be broken down into secondary terms of interest and relevancy for further exploration. You can see why your top-scored candidate has been ranked first, adding a layer of transparency to the search process.


“Can we make our system automatically load every profile view burned on the job boards, into our candidate database?”

A function within Nexus is the ability to parse, deduplicate and load selected online profiles directly to your candidate database. This allows you to build your internal database by automatically moving data from all monitored job boards. You can elect to view the full resume individually, download it to your database, or add it to a shortlist for final export.


“I wish I could bulk load data from my searches in one action.”

DaXtra Search Nexus Bulk Loads or loads a large amount of data from all of your searches, in one action. This quick action parses, deduplicates and loads your selected profiles directly to the ATS. 


“I wish I didn’t have to learn complex Boolean to conduct candidate searches.”

Our Semantic Search technology eliminates the need to learn Boolean. This innovative technology does the work for you, building the Boolean searches on the backend so you don’t have to. You no longer need to know the different aliases or iterations of a word. You no longer need to memorize complicated search strings.


“I wish I could use the Boolean search techniques I’ve known for years, to conduct candidate searches.”

If you know and enjoy using Boolean, that’s fine too! Nexus also allows you to use the Boolean functions you know and love. Love or hate Boolean, you can conduct searches that will find the most relevant candidates quickly.


“I've identified a candidate that is ideal for a position and I’d like to find more like them within my database so I have more options to choose from.”

Our feature More Like This feature builds a back-end query based on the original ideal candidate. From within your database, it searches and finds candidates with similar profiles allowing you to have more options when choosing the perfect fit for the job.


“I would like to be able to view and compare multiple resumes, side-by-side.”

With the Compare Resumes feature, you can see up to five profiles side-by-side. This gives you a clearer picture allowing you to compare and contrast candidates shoulder-to-shoulder to see who stands out from the pack.


Congratulations, your wishes have been granted! Look no further for a resourcing tool that can help search and match candidates to job openings quickly and efficiently. Working in the background of your ATS, DaXtra Search Nexus makes your system more robust with the capability of saving between 30-40% of your sourcing time.

By integrating Nexus and its powerful semantic search technology into your ATS you can add immeasurable value to your company by boosting productivity levels and growing your database. You’ll also see a difference in your time to fill and ultimately your bottom line.

If you have a sourcing wish you’d like granted, contact us or book a demo to learn more about what this extraordinary solution can do for you.

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