Essentials to crush the recovery

Posted August 6th, 2020

The second of our two-part webinar series, Essentials to crush the recovery, aired on August 6th. This is the conclusion to the series, 40 Million Resumes Flooding the market: Game-changing technologies to keep you ahead of the competition. Thanks for tuning in!

In this webinar we focus on automated sourcing and the advantages that could bring to your business, especially working with a smaller, remote workforce. Our experts Chris Wirt and Terry Bustamante, run through a demo of new automation tools that will put you ahead in the race of time to fill positions and make hires.

This webinar offers a glimpse of the new innovative sourcing tools your business needs to survive these difficult times.

One of the top challenges recruiters are facing today, many while operating remotely, is candidate sourcing in the form of search and matching. At DaXtra we have years of knowledge and understanding in the development and integration of intelligent recruitment search and match technology.

What's covered in the webinar?

Solutions to the challenges you may be facing which have surfaced in the last few months will be addressed in this 30-minute webinar.

Do you want to know more about tools that bring together talent from across the job boards, social sights and various online communities, as well as your own database? Are you curious as to how sorting, ranking and matching the best candidates for the job is made possible with automation?

Here we focus on:

  • Automated sourcing tools and new innovative technology
  • A more powerful search over your internal data
  • Job-to-candidate, candidate-to-job and candidate-to-candidate matching

We'll concentrate on current issues and offer solutions to these challenges.

The new norm

Currently we're experiencing one of the highest unemployment rates in history. For those in the recruiting and staffing industry this translates to more talent being available. The challenge lies in the sheer vast numbers and how to manage quantities of incoming data.

The answer is automated workflows. DaXtra has been helping companies build automated workflows for almost two decades.

The current trend in recruiting departments and technology companies is investments in tech stacks and recruitment automation, leading to implementing these technologies at a rapid pace to accommodate for this “new norm.”

Companies have put into effect work-from-home strategies with leaner teams and they understand the need for automation to create efficiencies within their organizations.

We're seeing companies standardized recruitment workflows to ensure all gaps are sealed to provide the highest level of data integrity and security. They're also implementing automated workflows wherever possible to improve recruiter, candidate and technology efficiencies within their tech stacks.

This webinar highlights some of the new features of our search and match technology, which include live clustering and real term drill downs of data within your ATS, talent communities and online recruiting sources, all within one central repository.

  • Clustering, or the grouping of job titles, skills and experience, provides real time previews into your data as you start constructing keyword or Boolean searches.
  • Three-way automated matching features of matching jobs to candidates, candidates to jobs or candidates to candidates.
  • Additional ranking and sorting features have been added to help identify the best candidates for your requirements, faster than ever before.

We’ll provide you a peek at the new technology DaXtra is soon to announce with a brief demo of our newest search and match release — DaXtra Search Nexus.

What’s covered

DaXtra has built one of the most extensive skills taxonomies in the industry. It is based on the data from hundreds of millions of resumes that come through us every year through our work with clients across the globe.

We also use Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning that enable us, through semantics, to understand keywords within a resume and differentiate between a title, a location and a skill. This semantic ability will help you arrive at a more targeted, relevant list of candidates quicker than ever before.

We’re giving you more insight into what's going on within your internal data, but also getting you to that shortlist of candidates faster.

We can help you identify the best candidates from your local ATS or talent communities while simultaneously searching over external online recruiting sources.

Into the demo

Our demo shows a search over an internal database while simultaneously searching over your designated job boards to bring back results in a stack-ranked fashion so you can see the most qualified candidate at the top of the list which goes down in descending order.

You can further narrow the search by conducting a real term skills drill down — filtering candidates by selected skills.

Once you have the candidates you want you simply click “load” and the candidates are loaded directly into your database. To shortlist, select these candidates and click “shortlist” or “apply to job,” which will load them into a tear sheet or link them to a job and load them directly into the database for those job boards that allow that type of transaction.

You also have the ability to click on several different candidates to compare them. This will give you a quick side-by-side comparison before you chose which candidates to download.

At this point you still have not burned a view. The candidate list will show your CRM or ATS icon symbol next to candidates which you have previously downloaded. By hovering over the icon, you’re able to view a message which will tell you when the candidate was downloaded through DaXtra, by whom and will supply a candidate profile ID number.

This tells us that the candidate is already in your database and that you don’t need to pay to download them again. This gives you the option to then view that candidate’s record within your recruitment database.

In viewing a candidate, you’re able to see a fully comprehensive list of work history, education and most importantly an extensive skills list to determine if they are the right candidate for the job.

At this point if the candidate is not a match for this particular position, you can use a candidate-to-job matching function to find a better, more suitable position for them.

You are also able to use candidate-to-candidate matching function called “more like this,” to find more candidates who have the same qualifications as this candidate. This is useful in many ways, one of which is to fill a job that has multiple identical openings.

This function will extract the skills, experience levels and job titles, building a Boolean query on the back end and will run a search over your internal database and if desired, can include a search over external sources simultaneously.

We also have what are called Watchdogs that can be set up as an automated search across all of your sources every night and will email you a shortlist every morning.

A holistic workflow

Finally, we have a job-to-candidate function that is useful for those job openings coming into your system. This function pulls the job title, the location, the years of experience and all of the skills required, runs a match over your internal database and within seconds will deliver a list of your top 25 or top 50 candidates.

These candidates are now ready to be set up for reach out through candidate engagement or communication solutions like Bullhorn Automation, TextUs, Mya or Sense. These technologies will then automatically engage with candidates to further pinpoint the most willing and best match for opening. These technologies working together with DaXtra in a holistic workflow, are able to maximize recruiters’ productivity and make matches and placements faster.

It’s more important, now than ever, be able to stay ahead and be leaders in the industry by implementing these types of workflows. Automated processes that help you to get in front of those candidates and have communications going out within five minutes of a job landing in your database mean you stay ahead in this highly competitive industry.

In conclusion

DaXtra has years of experience providing assisted AI to automate manual administrative tasks to help recruiters be more productive. With recent circumstances demanding change, we are here to help automate your manual workflows, to allow recruiters to focus on the tasks that are only humanly possible, like engaging one-on-one with candidates and building relationships.

To us, it’s extremely important to be able to help you create holistic workflows amongst your talent communities and online recruiting sources to ensure the success of your company.

Digital and technology transformation is truly about you and your success.

While a look into the future is unpredictable at the moment, one thing we DO know is that people will need jobs and as jobs become available, positions will need to be filled. The time to prepare is NOW. Hesitation could mean the risk of falling behind. We're here to help in those preparations in the form of offering the most innovative sourcing, data management and recruiting tools on the market.

We hope you learn a few things and get some questions answered through viewing the presented webinar. We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions you may have. 

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