Getting ahead of the data challenge

Posted July 23rd, 2020

Today we ran the first of our two-part webinar series, Getting ahead of the data challenge. Thank you, to all who tuned in!

This webinar features DaXtra experts Chris Wirt and Terry Bustamante, examining the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the recruiting and staffing industry. Never before have we seen the numbers of unemployed. With that brings large numbers of resumes and all kinds of candidate data inundating online sources. 

As we look at some of the challenges we've experienced over the last couple of decades, the economic downturn we're experiencing today is much different because of the added complications the pandemic has presented.

We're currently experiencing one of the highest unemployment rates in history. Take advantage of this time right now to focus on enriching and growing your local ATS, CRM or talent communities with the new talent currently flooding the market.

With smaller teams who may be working from home, how are you assured that all of the new and updated candidate data is making it into your ATS? Without automated management and organization, how will you search over and leverage the quantities of data?

Would you like to find out how automation of some of the recruitment functions like sourcing, loading, organizing and utilizing candidate data can help the success of your business? 

What's covered in the webinar?

This 30-minute webinar focuses on the solutions to challenges you may be facing have surfaced in the last few months, including:

  • Issues arising from gaps in recruiting workflows
  • Inefficiencies dues to lack of data integrity
  • Complications arising from employing a leaner, remote workforce
  • Need for a better candidate experience

Here we explore some of the main challenges presented and cover some solutions to these challenges.

Gaps in workflows and data integrity

Currently, recruiting departments and technology companies are investing in their present tech stacks. Since work-from-home measures have been implemented, they have come to recognize notable gaps in their workflows and they’re investing in add-ons to current standardized recruitment workflows to ensure these gaps are sealed. As a player in the recruiting and staffing industry, you want assurance that you have the highest level of data integrity and security flowing directly in your ATS.

We’re also seeing the implementation of automated workflows, wherever possible, to improve tech stack efficiencies for both recruiters and candidates.

A leaner, remote workforce

The current economic state has forced companies and recruiting departments to become very agile and to adapt quickly. We are seeing companies implement technology at a rapid pace. They have implemented and have adapted to work-from-home strategies. In addition, they're working with leaner teams more than ever before.

We're seeing companies understand the need for automation to create efficiencies within their organization.

Candidate experience

Over the past four months the US unemployment rate has surged from 3% to a whopping 16%. Seemingly overnight we went from 5.9 million people unemployed, in January of this year to well over 40 million people unemployed. The unemployment surge due to jobs lost because of the pandemic, along with people merely considering a job change, has overwhelmed the market. Nonetheless, designing a good candidate experience is a crucial piece of the recruitment process.

The first step to creating an exceptional candidate journey is the application process.

A process that is clunky or difficult will result in high drop off rates. Let’s not forget that a negative experience also equals the first impression of a staffing firm or recruiting department. If you lose them at the onset it paints the picture of a disorganized, inefficient and non-personal company. A negative experience stays with people and is shared.

How can DaXtra help solve these challenges?

Through DaXtra's signature products businesses are able to beat the odds at the challenges presented, even with a smaller staff who are working remotely. 

Closing gaps in workflows and ensuring data integrity

DaXtra Capture, our flagship product, is a workflow automation tool you can think of as a robotic administrator which sits behind the scenes and monitors all of your incoming data.

Whether information is in the form of a job application coming from a posting on a job or social site, from referral sources or from your own career site, DaXtra Capture is able to grab that application and parse the resume with close to human-level accuracy. The parsed resume will then go through your own validation rules and will create and/or update the candidates in your system.

One of the most important features DaXtra Capture offers is to deduplicate candidates as they're loaded into the ATS. DaXtra Capture puts in place a system that can properly identify, deduplicate, categorize and update candidate information. Other competitor’s solutions have only between one and three unique identifiers in the deduping process, looking at first name, last name and email address or some combination of the three. Any applicant who has changed their last name, email address or uses a nickname in applying, will be duplicated in a system that uses only these three qualifiers.

As deduping qualifiers, DaXtra Capture looks not only at first and last names and email address, but also at education and work history to identify any similarities. With this additional and pertinent information, we're better able to eliminate the possibility of creating duplicate candidates within your database. And just as important, keeping that database updated with rich and current data.

The benefits of DaXtra Capture allow you to:

  • Save time, increase efficiency and boost productivity by loading candidate data seamlessly from multiple sources, directly into your database
  • Build value in your database with uniform structuring of data
  • Automatically enhance candidate profiles with rich structured data
  • Eliminate errors and possible missed placements caused by manual record creation

The outcome? A cleaner, fuller, more enriched set of candidate information being added to your database, resulting in quicker shortlisting and increased placements.

An automated resume management workflow can ensure accurate tracking of candidate records, including:

  • Status
  • Availability
  • Employment type
  • Ownership
  • Source of application
  • Shortlist/long list to vacancies or jobs

All of this results in maximizing the profitability of your ATS or CRM.

A successful leaner, remote workforce

The automation DaXtra solutions bring to a company are many. A leaner staff only reinforces the need for a more automated process. With a smaller staff and more applications coming in daily, instead of menial tasks, recruiters are able focus more on revenue generating activities and one-on-one virtual meetings.

Work from home strategies that have been implemented are benefiting in a number of ways. Automatic resume loading saves 95% of labor costs compared to manual data entry. There is also the guarantee that 100% of the applications being parsed are being loaded directly into your system.

Efficiencies created far outweigh costs and the better ROI that is desperately desired is achieved.

Better candidate experience

Starting at the beginning of the candidate lifecycle, one of our developer components, Apply & Match is a solution that can be integrated directly into your career site.

Via six widgets, this technology allows applicants to pre-populate an application or profile form using their resume pulled from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, LinkedIn, Facebook, or a local Word file.

As its name suggests, Apply & Match can also utilize DaXtra’s Search and Match Web Services. The candidate is presented with more relevant jobs available to them based on their resume, skills and experience. This product can be deployed in a few different ways — whether it's plugged into a mobile app or a chat bot, candidate engagement solutions or texting software.

Part of the shifting landscape includes a huge uptick of applications coming in resulting in an increase in site visits. It’s critical that when these candidates make it to your site there is an easy process for them to find a relevant position. They also need to be able to apply quickly with little or no manual data entry. This will eliminate drop-offs, while increasing the number of applications that are coming in through your career sites.

Prior to the pandemic several of our clients reported a 200 to 400 percent increase in their applicant click-through rate since deploying Apply & Match. This shows just how important the candidate experience has become. Even more so now, since we're going to see more people visiting employment, recruiting and staffing sites.

The benefits of good candidate experience carry on throughout the hiring process and beyond.

Summing it up

Your business has already invested significant time and money in your ATS. We are here to help you achieve the best, most ironclad workflows that help solve the challenges this year has brought. Offering the best recruitment automation has to offer in candidate sourcing, data loading, organizing and utilizing candidate data to help your business thrive.

Let us provide the solutions you need to assure the success of a remote staff and help you stay ahead of the data challenge and in doing so, build your business to keep you ahead of the competition.

We hope you learn a few things and get some questions answered through viewing the presented webinar and look forward to answering any more questions you may have. 

Overview of the webinar series:

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