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Tom Spengler Joins Daxtra’s Board of Directors

Posted August 31st, 2023

Granicus Founder and Technology Entrepreneur Brings Expertise and Leadership

Edinburgh, United Kingdom August 31, 2023 – The Daxtra Group (“Daxtra”), the leading provider of AI-enriched software for...

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Daxtra Announces Christian Ward as New Head of Growth - APAC

Posted August 21st, 2023

HONG KONG - Daxtra, the leader in intelligent recruitment automation solutions, is excited to announce that Christian Ward has returned to the company as Head of Growth for the APAC region. He is the...

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Internal Mobility: The benefits of hiring from within your company

Posted August 16th, 2023

When companies provide their employees with the chance to develop new skills and explore different roles, it leads to increased job satisfaction and higher retention rates. However, even when they...

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Daxtra Partners With Strattam to Turbocharge AI-Enriched Recruiting

Posted June 29th, 2023

Investment to Fuel Growth to Meet Customer Demand

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Why candidate trust is crucial to your hiring process

Posted June 15th, 2023

Developing a long-term relationship with your candidates might actually be the easiest way to optimise your recruitment strategy. Recruiters often face the challenge of balancing heavy workloads and...

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Daxtra is a finalist at the QA Scotland Apprenticeship Awards 2023

Posted March 7th, 2023

We are thrilled to share that Daxtra has been nominated as a finalist for the SME Employer of the Year Award at the QA Scotland Apprenticeship Awards 2023. This is a significant recognition of our...

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Video: How to Place More Candidates with Connected Recruiting

Posted March 6th, 2023

In recent years, the UK recruitment industry has seen a shift in how candidates approach the recruitment process with the entry of more technologically adept talent into the job market. Amid mounting...

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Recruiting trends we see moving into 2023

Posted January 30th, 2023

We’ve experienced many changes in the past three years and 2023 may prove no different, amid an unstable economy. But post-pandemic, as we transition to more of a normal state there are still shifts...

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Four Ways to Source Candidates in 2023

Posted January 4th, 2023

As we move into 2023, we are starting to think about the sort of changes we might see in recruitment in the next year and beyond. In 2022, our candidate-driven market meant that recruitment agencies...

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Recruitment Technology: The Year in Review 2022

Posted December 29th, 2022

With 2022 coming to a close, we’ve chosen this time to reflect, be grateful and plan for the year ahead. We’re taking a moment to think about what has been achieved in recruitment technology and look...

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