Webinar: How technology can remove unconscious bias from recruitment

Posted November 2nd, 2020

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When looking for the very best candidate for the job, are your choices based on skill, education and experience? Often our decisions weight in on criteria like name, ethnicity, gender and age without even realizing it. We're being influenced by unconscious bias.

Removing bias from the hiring process completely is impossible. Humans need to be involved and a certain amount of unconscious bias is inherent in human nature.

There are ways to reduce the impact unconscious bias can have on your hiring process. Recruiters are increasingly turning to intelligent recruitment automation solutions to answer this challenge.

Join BJ Blumenthal, DaXtra Technologies Canada Country Manager, in conjunction with TorontoJobs.CA, in a webinar exploring how intelligent recruitment solutions can help eliminate bias from the hiring process. BJ has over 18 years of experience in recruitment, as a recruiter and working in the recruitment technology space.

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How technology can remove unconscious bias from recruitment
Date: Thursday, 19 November 2020
When: 2:00 pm EST | 11:00 am PST
Duration: 60 minutes 

Companies with a diverse workforce have been proven to be more productive, successful and profitable. Clients want all the benefits that come with a diverse workforce and expect recruiters to deliver on this.

About the Webinar

Learn about the recruitment technology you need to stay ahead of the demand for a diverse workforce so you can make better hiring decisions, with a focus on ability and aptitude.

 We’ll explore:

  • Automated sourcing solutions that conduct searches without bias
  • Intelligently ranked results based on skills, education and experience
  • Anonymization tools that allow for hiring based on ability as the key differentiator.

Don’t let unconscious bias seep into your searching and hiring process. Stay current with the new technology that conducts searches based on skills, education and experience and returns intelligently ranked results to choose from. All done without involving factors like gender, ethnicity or age, which could unknowingly trigger a biased choice.

If you are looking at how to reduce bias in your hiring process, you won’t want to miss this webinar.

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