Product development and new customers: 2020 so far

Posted April 21st, 2020

By Ruth Ritzema, Marketing Manager – DaXtra Technologies

As we get used to the unprecedented changes of the last few weeks, we wanted to take the time to look back at the first quarter of 2020. It’s been a busy time for the team who have been working on some big tech projects and bringing new customers on board.

Product Development

Our Tech team has been working on some very exciting projects over the last few months. These reflect our ongoing emphasis on UX for our clients.

Taking into account feedback from our users, we have delivered a new user interface for DaXtra Magnet. We've refined the general navigation and made the functionality even more transparent - to show exactly where each piece of data is extracted from.

There are also going to be some big changes to DaXtra Search. We'll be sharing more on this soon. Those who have seen a sneak preview of the new release have unanimously described it as “a game changer for recruitment searching”

New customers

Our Sales and Client Services Teams have started the year really strongly. We have new customers joining DaXtra from eleven different countries across APAC, EMEA and the Americas.

Our APAC team has had a particularly good quarter. Koichi Yano brought several new customers on board in Japan after they saw him speaking at industry events. DaXtra’s experience integrating with Salesforce and the ease of implementation swung the decision for a couple of clients. 

We’ve signed new customers across Asia and Australia. We’re really proud that one of the leading Australian job boards and several innovative new ATS clients will now be using our multilingual parsing and search technology. Well done to the APAC team, especially Kyle Irwin!

So far in 2020 we’ve been building new relationships with customers using the JobAdder ATS, especially on JobAdder’s home turf of Australia. We're also delighted to be working with our first UK-based JobAdder client, the long-established recruitment business Gordon Yates, as well as IT staffing specialist Revel IT in the US. Thanks to JobAdder for recommending us and for all the support getting these clients set up.

We've continued to cement our position as a key Bullhorn Marketplace partner in 2020. Bullhorn customers such as Talon have been adding value with our AI-powered search and match and recruitment process automation technology. IT staffing business Talon is a very long-standing Bullhorn customer. They wanted to reduce the time recruiters spent searching, so they could spend more time engaging with candidates and clients on the phone. We were happy to be able to help!

We’ve welcomed a lot of new customers on board in the first quarter of this year. They all have their own recruitment process challenges which we’re looking forward to solving. 


We’ve continued to strengthen our partnership with SAP SuccessFactors since we launched DaXtra's solutions in the SAP® App Center at the end of 2019. We have been working on a range of initiatives with the leading ATS and CRMs, to help our clients meet their business challenges. This is even more of a focus with the changes to business practices over the last few weeks.

We recently partnered with candidate nurturing software Herefish by Bullhorn, to help recruiters automate the initial candidate sourcing and engagement. We are constantly working to build partnerships with innovative recruitment technology brands which complement our DaXtra solutions. We’ll have more news on this soon.

All things considered, we've had a good start to 2020. Although the last few weeks have been difficult for everyone, we’re continuing to support our clients in changing times. We’re encouraged that we’re still hearing from recruitment businesses who are interested in DaXtra solutions and we’re looking forward to better times ahead.

For more information on our product development or for a demo of any of our DaXtra solutions, just contact us.

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