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DaXtra and Herefish

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Accelerate your recruitment processes with Herefish and DaXtra's automated solutions.

DaXtra has partnered with Herefish to further automate your recruitment processes through DaXtra's candidate matching, and Herefish's candidate engagement, client follow-up and internal tasks — helping you save time, save money and drive more revenue.

When job requisitions hit your ATS, DaXtra automatically matches candidates with new requisitions. Herefish then sends a prescreen email, candidate completes prescreen qualification questions for the new requisition and the status field is updated and candidate owner is notified.

From a new job requisition to a candidate submittal, a task that once took hours is completed in mere minutes. 

Combining Herefish’s exceptional candidate engagement software with Daxtra’s unparalleled matching technology allows you to be a step ahead of your competition. Fully maximize the potential of your local database and also use our job board aggregator to search external resume sites to bring those candidates effortlessly into your ATS.

Together, DaXtra and Herefish create an unmatched combination that will improve productivity, save time and ultimately save money.

About Herefish 

Herefish helps recruiting firms make automation personal by automating email, text, tasks and other busywork throughout the recruiting cycle. Automating key activities like candidate engagement, client follow-up and internal tasks, helps recruiting firms save time, save money and drive more revenue.

Essentially, Herefish is marketing automation for staffing that enables staffing firms to build helpful workflows that save time and improve relationships with candidates and clients.