Partner Webinar: Fewer jobs, more candidates - Maximise the opportunity

Posted July 21st, 2020

Thanks to everyone who tuned in today for our partner webinar with The Access Group.

The Access Group is a long-standing partner, we have been integrating with their recruitment CRMs for over a decade and we support many Access customers worldwide.

What’s the challenge?

The Covid-19 crisis has transformed the recruitment landscape in the UK. The average number of hours worked fell by a record amount, while the number of job vacancies saw the biggest fall since this data was first measured in 2001. With the furlough scheme ending in October, the unemployment rate will almost certainly rise significantly in the autumn. A multitude of CVs is already hitting the market. Agencies with fewer jobs to fill are handling increased application volumes, while those hiring in large numbers are seeing an exponential rise.

What does this mean for recruitment in the UK? With new candidates flooding the market and job vacancies only slowly starting to increase, it's important that recruiters are ready to work in this changing landscape. 

How will you find the best candidate for the job?

With so many jobseekers out there, the challenge will be sorting through all this candidate data to match the right ones to even more competitive jobs. Its more important than ever to find the best candidates quickly. 

Recruitment agencies may have reduced resources, recruiters and administrators - and some of these roles may have merged. They will therefore need to be far more efficient and will need tools to help them find the best talent.

In this webinar David Mercer discusses with Dominic de Souza how DaXtra's solutions can assist you. 

The importance of data quality 
David discusses potential poor data quality and time constraints as two of the key challenges recruiters face. How are you going to load the increased volume of candidate information into your database with limited resources? 
Two of DaXtra's solutions automate the manual tasks of creating and updating data and rebranding CVs to your company templates: DaXtra Capture and DaXtra Styler
Do you find that: 
  • You spend too much timon admin tasks 
  • Candidate data gets lost outside your Access CRM 
  • The source isn’t always accurately tracked 
  • You find duplicates in your CRM
  • You waste time rebranding candidate CVs?
DaXtra Capture and DaXtra Styler automate these tasks, freeing up your time to engage with candidates and clients - whilst also ensuring you have good data integrity that you can trust. 

All these challenges will be more pronounced when you are processing more candidate data, for more competitive jobs with potentially limited resources. It can be easy to slip into bad habits which could have a bigger impact further down the line. 

Why DaXtra Search? 

Using DaXtra Search means you can easily leverage your CRM data and external CV databases simultaneously – you will be able to find the best candidates no matter where they are.

You don’t need to learn complex Boolean or how to skill code candidates. Our quick and easy to use AI-based search technology frees you from the limitations of Boolean.

Our solutions are designed to help you find and place the best candidates faster. Recruitment leaders who embrace technology to reduce their costs and retain their personal touch are those best placed to weather the downturn.

Do you have the right tools in place to ensure you can find the perfect candidate for those hard-to-fill positions? Are you maximising the value of your database by using AI-based search technology to find the candidates who are already in your CRM? Do you have automation technology in place to parse the flood of CVs and load accurate information into your database?

For more detailed information please watch the short demo above or contact us directly.

You can find out more about The Access Group here

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