Why is Daxtra a World Leader in CV/Resume Parsing?

Posted May 16th, 2022

At Daxtra, we’ve been supplying our parsing solutions to recruitment agencies and in-house recruitment teams for over twenty years. Over that time, our parsing capabilities have expanded. We now parse over 100 million CVs/resumes each month and integrate with over 400 ATS and CRM systems. Our machine learning capabilities grow continually while we continue to make our parsing software more accurate.


Daxtra Parser extracts candidate and job information from over 150 data fields across multiple document styles, converting it into structured JSON or XML data. Our parsing software has an estimated accuracy level of around 90%, making it arguably the best resume parser on the market. It’s worth noting that if a parser’s accuracy level is less than 90%, the number of errors will be too large to permit it to load data into a CRM or ATS without extensive human supervision. 

“We chose Daxtra Parser for its accuracy. We found that the parsing was consistently correct, it dramatically improved the quality of our data and made it easier to find candidates.” - Brian Cunningham, Managing Director, Allen Recruitment Consulting


Our software helps our customers save considerable time in their recruitment processes. Rather than a recruiter manually extracting information, our parsing software automatically extracts candidate data from CVs/resumes and jobs. This data is then converted into structured formats such as XML or JSON so that it’s ready to be loaded and stored into a CRM. 

Typically, our customers find that Daxtra Parser will extract CV/resume data automatically in seconds, a process which would typically take a human 10-15 minutes to complete.

“Daxtra Parser enabled Webrecruit to get the information we need from CVs quickly, efficiently and with a high degree of accuracy. It was incredibly straightforward to integrate into our ATS, and the support from Daxtra has been first-class.” Matt Hildred, Chief Technology Officer, Webrecruit

Multilingual parsing 

Our parsing software parses in over 40 languages, and our team of language engineers deliver regular updates, which continually improve accuracy across all languages. We have built comprehensive knowledge of geographical name, address and number formats, which is constantly updated by our machine learning technology and our team of language engineers.

“Daxtra Parser is very comprehensive and its speed is fantastic. I was especially impressed by the parsing of phone numbers (with +, brackets, dashes, country codes) which used to be a nightmare for us”. Josephine Chia, Founder and MD at Progression Search

Flexible implementation 

To ensure the implementation process is as flexible as possible for our customers, we support multiple integration methods, including REST or SOAP APIs, a range of integration scripts, and multiple output formats. Our parsing software can be supplied as an on-premise or hosted service running from a secure, auto-scaling cloud-based platform. 

An ever-growing skills taxonomy 

Our vast native skills taxonomy covers industries, skills, job titles, qualifications and languages, with specific taxonomies for sectors such as IT, finance & banking, insurance, legal, oil & gas, healthcare & pharmaceutical and engineering. We also support custom skills taxonomies.

How our parsing software can help your business

Our parsing software is consistently benchmarked as the most accurate parsing software on the market and helps over 2,500 clients worldwide extract and convert candidate and job information in 40+ languages from over 150+ data fields. If you have further questions about parsing, how our parser works, or how it can help your business get in touch

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