Progression Search: How DaXtra Brought Extra Efficiencies To Our Recruiters 

A DaXtra Technologies Case Study

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Progression Search is a technology executive search firm, specialising in pioneer placements and advisory for technology companies related to SaaS, digital transformation, RPA, analytics, digital marketing, IoT, bigdata, AI/ML, cyber security, and cloud networking.

mathilda® is an interview experience platform for hiring automation for employers who value a transparent and personal engagement with their candidates.

The Challenge

Progression Search has a team of 14 consultants who tend to capture a large number of candidates. They used to spend a lot of time copying and pasting information into their Bullhorn CRM. While reviewing internal processes it came to light that a considerable amount of time was spent on admin tasks – this was expensive, frustrating, and slow. They decided to make the process more efficient by ensuring they had the right automation technology which would enrich their database. As a long-standing Bullhorn marketplace partner, DaXtra was introduced to them.

The Solution

After testing it out, they soon realised that DaXtra Magnet would help them to save time on the manual processing of candidate records.

DaXtra Magnet enabled them to assign candidates to the right job number while adding notes in just a few clicks, without switching interface.

At the time they were using a parser, but the quality wasn’t there, so they had to find an alternative solution. When they tested out DaXtra Capture they were blown away by the results - it was far superior to the system they were using. Josephine Chia, Founder and MD at Progression Search says, “It’s very comprehensive and its parsing speed is fantastic. I was especially impressed by the parsing of phone numbers (with +, brackets, dashes, country codes) which used to be a nightmare for us”.

Josephine goes on, “We liked DaXtra so much that when I started mathilda®, a SaaS platform focusing on giving both candidates and interviewers a good experience, we also decided to use DaXtra as our CV parsing engine as the amount of information parsed and the speed was outstanding. It is the best solution we have tried”.

The Results

Progression Search chose DaXtra Capture for various reasons – the first one is accuracy. They found that the parsing was consistently correct and dramatically improved the quality of their data. Having candidate records created or updated by one click of a button is a real advantage.

Josephine says, “The amount of time saved with DaXtra is fantastic - since implementing DaXtra Capture, at least 30% of our time has been saved. Now our consultants can spend more time with candidates and clients”.  

They’ve also built a long-term relationship with their Account Manager, Joe Leung, who they feel really looks after them. “Joe has been very supportive in continuing to support his clients through the Covid-19 pandemic. This act of effort is immeasurable in terms of my respect and gratitude. It will last as long as I do.” She goes on, “I wouldn’t consider other alternative solutions. The customer support is excellent. The people are genuinely very nice, they make all the difference”.

Josephine ChiaJosephine Chia

Founder and MD, Progression Search & Chief Experience Officer, mathilda®   

Josephine founded Progression Search in 2011 where they served the technology vendor market for APAC hires.  After using many ATS in the market that couldn’t solve efficiency and accountability problems, she started mathilda® in 2018 to make great interview experience, accessible to SMEs and MNCs alike.