Recruitment Productivity and Increasing Your ROI

Posted September 27th, 2018

Time is money,” a quote often attributed to Benjamin Franklin but which may go back further, still holds true to this day.

No matter what industry or business you’re in, every minute counts. There are essentially 40 hours in the work week and to make these hours productive is essential to your bottom line. In the recruitment industry, just like everywhere else, increased productivity is the ultimate goal. It could put you ahead of your competition or the lack of it could see you fall behind.

As automation takes a firm hold, the use of CRMs and ATSs is essential to keep up in the competitive recruitment industry. So, you have your CRM or ATS to keep your volumes of data organized and accessible. Now, what add-on applications are going to bring additional value to speed up processes and free up your recruiters’ time?

Topping Forbes’ article, 9 Habits of Productive People is ‘cutting your to-do list in half.’ How pray tell, does one do this and stay on course with one’s duties?

Elimination of menial tasks easily performed by robotics is one way. Just as the calculator assumed the menial repetitive tasks of mathematicians and eventually the general public, there are ways to assign these busy tasks to a “robotic administrator.” Forbes’ article also mentions,

Truly productive people aren’t focused on doing more things; this is actually the opposite of productivity. If you really want to be productive, you’ve got to make a point to do fewer things.

For a recruiter, those fewer things should include the more meaningful tasks that only we as humans are capable of doing at present.

So many of the crucial, yet routine, tasks can be completed quickly and easily through automation tools. Not only does this simplify and streamline the recruitment process, it also increases the accuracy of the data because there is less scope for human error.

Tasks that can be automated and/or assigned to a “robotic administrator”:

  • Searching your local database and online sources in one action
  • Using natural language semantic search functionality, along with or instead of complex requisite Boolean search string queries
  • Pulling candidate resumes and disparate information into your database through emails and documents
  • Parsing resumes into rich structured data, easily organized and recognized
  • Automatically ranking candidates
  • Bulk loading data from searches

The functions no computer can achieve should be capitalized on by recruiters. Tasks involving critical thinking and human intuition are what they should be focusing on. Evaluating, interviewing, deducing and coming to conclusions based on human reaction.

Even Plato had it right when he said,

All things will be produced in superior quantity and quality, and with greater ease, when each man works at a single occupation, in accordance with his natural gifts, and at the right moment, without meddling with anything else.

Okay yes, I’m pushing it here – but the main point still applies, you should focus on what you alone can do and do well and let automation take on the heavy lifting and menial chores. With that, valuable time will be saved, equating to money saved.

Time is a valuable resource don't waste it!

— Christine Watson, Marketing Director DaXtra Technologies



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