New DaXtra Search recruitment software release

Posted August 20th, 2018

We are excited to announce a new software release of DaXtra Search - our powerful and intelligent CV/resume matching technology with integrated semantic search capabilities across multiple in-house and online talent communities. This accompanies new releases  to our suite of recruitment software products, including a major UI refresh for DaXtra Magnet and significant enhancements to DaXtra Capture and DaXtra Parser.

Our latest release builds on the recent enhancements to our UX/UI, with new features and functionality to further streamline how you search and match candidates. Highlights include:

Enhanced Candidate Matching

  • "More like this" now allows the search widget to run a more in-depth query against the current candidate list
  • Additional options enhance the sophistication search queries, including a slider to control the candidate's level of experience.

Job Details

  • Page layout redesigned for consistent look and feel across the interface
  • Vacancies options now configurable by client, with customisable column titles.

Job Boards

  • Candidate Match improved - can now match candidates from Job Boards as well as local database candidates
  • Login now has additional filters and levels of verification.

System management

  • New Help & Training section, with videos available for handy refreshers on key activities
  • System Superusers can view and run system as any user
  • Display & Edit Recent Searches - users can quickly view and edit their recent searches at any time using a hover over
  • Watchdog automatically enabled, as requested by users
  • Reporting - additional layers of detail now available.

DaXtra Search offers a simple and intuitive way of sifting and locating relevant CVs/resumes, using natural language semantic meta-search technology. It facilitates shortlisting directly from job boards and online networking sites onto your recruitment database, allowing you to get the best candidates in front of your clients quicker than ever before.

Find out more about DaXtra Search or contact us to arrange a demo of the latest release.

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