Sourcing Tools... Semantic Search... Recruitment Process Automation — DaXtra at StaffingTec '18

Posted May 21st, 2018

DaXtra had an exciting couple of days at StaffingTec in Seattle on May 16-17. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet people who were interested in increasing their company’s efficiencies through technologies like ours at DaXtra.

Terry Bustamante served on the Panel discussing Sourcing Tools and Automation; headed up a Lunch and Learn Roundtable discussion on the meaning behind all the buzzwords circulating in the recruitment industry; and gave a Spotlight Presentation on Increasing Efficiencies with A.I. and Recruitment Process Automation Technology.

The Matchmaker meetings allowed us to connect with people specifically searching for technology like ours. And frankly, it allowed DaXtra to let our light shine as a world-leading specialist in high-accuracy, multilingual resume and job parsing, semantic search, matching and recruitment automation.

A shout out goes to Maurice Fuller and his team for putting together this amazing inaugural conference. We’re looking forward to expanding relationships forged at StaffingTec and are also looking forward to next year’s event.

Tags: AI, Events, resume parsing, semantic search, automation, Staffing, ATS integration