DaXtra launches new version of DaXtra Search, automated recruiting software

Posted May 16th, 2018

This past month, DaXtra launched a successful release of a new version of our automated recruiting software — DaXtra Search, with new User Experience and Interface (UX/UI).
DaXtra Search is a powerful and intelligent CV matching software with integrated semantic search capabilities across multiple in-house and online talent communities.

By searching, intuitively filtering and sorting data from job boards, online networking sites and your CRM database, DaXtra’s resume search software quickly finds the most relevant candidates using natural language semantic meta-search technology by:

  • Aggregating searches and integrating with your CRM database.
  • Eliminating recruiters need to learn the intricacies of the inbuilt CRM search and complex Boolean strings.
  • Streamlining searches from your own data with powerful relevancy, ranking and speed.
The aim of our new DaXtra Search UX/UI, is to:
  • Simplify UI controls to make it easier to engage with common tasks
  • Provide enhanced user feedback around actions and features
  • Make it easier for new users to on-board the system with minimal training required
  • Make better use of space in various areas of the system in order to improve efficiency, ease-of-use and workflow
In addition to a new Interface, we have also made some great feature-led changes, including:
  • Semantic Term Expansion — allows far greater control, it also vastly improves the quality and relevance of the results returned, boosting efficiency in matching candidate data to vacancies.
  • Competitor Companies — allows lists to be created which define groups or collections of companies within the same sector – making it possible to restrict the experience of returned candidates on the local job board to these desired collections.
  • Candidate Validation — simplifying the process of comparing resumes in a way that is more akin to a human being performing this task. Making it easier to sift through and add information to an existing client record, and to make the task of removing duplicate candidate data as straightforward as possible.
Are you ready to automate your CV/resume search processes? If so, contact us and someone will be in touch to let you know what DaXtra can do for you!
If you're already using DaXtra Search, please contact your Account Manager to be moved to the newer version.

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