Rich Data, Poor Data

Posted January 7th, 2018

Better quality candidate data can give you an edge

Are you interested in getting more out of your recruiting or staffing CRM? Perhaps the candidate data being pulled in when you search the internet for resumes is sketchy or spotty at best. Insufficient information could make you miss that perfect candidate. Rich data extraction is what you’re looking for.

The term “rich data” describes the quality of data extracted and should reveal the complexities and the richness of what is being sought to help make a better decision regarding candidate to vacancy hires.

We all know online data is fluid and constantly changing, that’s why it’s crucial to have the most up-to-date, current, quality information available. Insufficient data could result in missed opportunities. Therefore, the data which you rely on must be of excellent quality. There are many benefits to be had with better quality data. An article in Forbes points out that the beneficial impact on organizations dedicated to higher quality data is seen in better productivity, decision making, compliance and marketing; while the negative impact of poor data can include everything from missed opportunities to lost revenue and even reputational damage.

The more information you have at your fingertips, the better able you are to identify the most appropriate and most qualified candidates. Also, the easier it is to see the cream rising to the top, so to speak, in choosing the most qualified candidates.

The problem is gathering, managing and continually updating candidate data is sometimes easier said than done, without the proper tools.

A need for rich data

DaXtra Technologies saw a need for better quality data extraction and created a product called DaXtra Capture. DaXtra itself, stands for data extraction – and that is our specialty.

DaXtra Capture gives you more focused and targeted searching capabilities with a fuller range of candidate information in a structured format, delivered directly to your database. Complete contact information, full education history, full work history, a unique skills taxonomy — DaXtra Capture provides this data and more. Our software, a fully-automated workflow solution, seamlessly loads the rich candidate data it has extracted — from dedicated email addresses, website portals and shared network folders — to your existing recruitment software or CRM. CVs and resumes already residing in your database are updated, filling in the gaps and updating old information - and it de-duplicates entries as well. All making your CRM more robust with information.

The result is quicker shortlisting and more placements with DaXtra Capture’s automated CV/resume management solution.

The key for making the most qualified matches of candidates to positions involves having more thorough and good quality information in your database. Filling in the missing data is essential to finding the best fit for candidate to vacancy.

The other great feature with DaXtra Capture is the ability to retain the source of the collected data. This gives you valuable analytical information — seeing where your best results are coming from and allowing you to focus more on those sources, while pinpointing ineffective sources — all to better improve your ROI.

If you’re interested in learning more about DaXtra Capture and what it can do for you, please sign up for a demo, and a DaXtra representative will contact you with more information.

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By M. Christine Watson, Marketing Director, DaXtra Technologies


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