Webinar: what should be in your recruitment tech stack

Posted March 26th, 2020

It's been a very strange week around the world. As we try to adjust to new ways of working, it's important to use all the technology tools available to streamline workflows and make sure we stay connected to colleagues, clients and candidates. In this webinar, we show how adding DaXtra and idibu to your tech stack will significantly improve your recruitment processes.




What's covered in the webinar?

The 30-minute webinar tackles three main challenges we often hear from recruitment businesses:

  • Why aren't our recruiters sourcing candidates from our database?
  • How can automation make our recruiters more productive?
  • How can we achieve ROI from our candidate attraction strategy?

Gordon Webb from idibu talks to DaXtra's Adrian Farthing about how using DaXtra's multilingual CV parsing and powerful search and match solutions can solve these issues, especially combined with idibu's multi-posting.

What are the main challenges?

Do you find that your recruiters are choosing to source candidates from job boards rather than your ATS or CRM? Do you ever hear any of these excuses: "I can’t find the candidates quickly enough in the CRM" or “The best candidates are not in our database”. If your candidate attraction campaigns are performing well, you might be overwhelmed with a high volume of applications across multiple channels. This can mean:

  • Not all candidates are added to the database
  • Duplicate records are created
  • Candidate records are missing key information

How can Daxtra help me solve these challenges?

Enter DaXtra Capture, which automatically deduplicates and loads candidate data to your database in seconds. This highly accurate parsing makes CVs available immediately, preventing delays caused by manual processing. It allows your recruiters to engage with candidates more effectively, knowing they have their complete, up to date information. You can track and manage your candidate acquisition, to determine which marketing channels are attracting the highest quality candidates.

You can save even more time by automatically styling and branding CVs with DaXtra Styler. It can also anonymise the CV by removing personal details. This removes a substantial administrative burden for your recruiters.

Finally you can use the powerful search and match capabilities of DaXtra Search, built on AI and machine learning. DaXtra Search uses natural language processing to find relevant candidates faster and match them to your jobs based on context and experience. Your recruiters will be able to find candidates in your database however they have been coded in the past - giving them confidence in the data.

How can automation help make our recruiters more productive?

Streamlining your recruitment saves valuable time with a consistent process. Recruitment automation technology improves your data integrity and the quality of your candidate information. This means your recruiters get to the best candidates faster.

How can we achieve ROI from our candidate attraction strategy?

DaXtra's intelligent recruitment solutions help you track the marketing source of your applications effectively, while building value in your database. Ultimately this can help with your recruiters' dream scenario - finding the purple unicorn in your database.

If you want to find out more about how DaXtra can improve your recruitment processes, book a demo with one of our experts

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