Webinar series: AI-powered Search and Match

Posted May 6th, 2020

It’s been a difficult few weeks and the recruitment industry is among the first to suffer at times of financial strain, however it is also the first to recover – let’s get ready for the recovery, it will be fast!

Over the next weeks we’ll be running a series of webinars under the theme AI-powered Search and Match: add value to a business under financial strain.

The first webinar entitled How does DaXtra Search differ from a CRM’s built-in search? will take place on Wednesday 13th May at 3pm BST.

We invite you to join Adrian Farthing and David Mercer for a 30-minute webinar, with our expert panel taking questions from our online audience. Tune in as Adrian and David discuss the different ways of searching for candidates and the benefits of natural language Search and Match. They will explain how DaXtra Search understands the meaning, context and relevancy of terms, to ensure you never miss out on the right candidates. They will explore some of the ways in which technology is helping to improve the recruitment process and make room for the high value human element that - even in these times of isolation - is at the core of successful recruitment.

We’ll be giving you insights on how DaXtra Search differs from a native CRM search, including:

  • Natural language
  • Term expansion & suggestion
  • Searching multiple sources simultaneously

If you’d like to maximise the value of your database and get a stronger shortlist faster without learning complex Boolean or code candidates, tune in for half an hour and ask any questions you want.
There’s no more pressing time to consider your tech stack and get ready for the market to rebound!

This webinar has now passed and you can watch it in full here.

Overview of the webinar series:

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