Video: Clean, Automate, Engage - How to Win at Prospecting

Posted November 24th, 2023

Effective prospecting is vital for business growth. Prospecting highlights the importance of being proactive to identify and engage potential customers and eventually transform them into clients. 

When it comes to recruitment, consultants interact with both active and passive candidates. At the same time, they’re also seeking new clients to match with these candidates. For consultants, prospecting involves utilising a range of methods, such as email outreach, phone calls, LinkedIn connections and messages. The process can be demanding and time-consuming - with an end goal to consistently secure new opportunities over time.

Tools and data play a crucial role in the prospecting process, and it's important to check their quality before beginning to search for opportunities. Is the data reliable? Can it be used to get accurate information that helps achieve the best outcomes?

In this video masterclass hosted by Louise Triance from UK Recruiter, Sabine Vanaga, Daxtra's EMEA Business Development Representative, discusses her insights into three crucial elements of prospecting.

Clean, Automate and Engage

The concept of Clean, Automate, and Engage is centred around data management, automating tasks, and engaging with prospects to establish personalised connections. In recruitment, implementing this approach means providing accurate candidate data (Clean), minimising manual tasks (Automate), and nurturing meaningful relationships (Engage).

While there might be a temptation to expedite the process and start building without this groundwork, doing so can impede your chances of success. Investing time to ensure accurate information, employing efficient tools and establishing solid connections will ultimately prove beneficial when hiring and prospecting.

How to ensure your data is clean and accurate

The first step is to routinely examine and update your data to identify and eliminate errors or duplicates in your database. Doing this manually can be tedious, but various software solutions are available to streamline the process. For instance, you might initiate a one-time deep clean up of your database to organise all elements. Subsequently, you can set up automated systems to continuously incorporate new information and maintain the cleanliness of existing data.

The goal is to determine what works best for your company. Create an environment where both business and consultants have confidence in the database. This trust should encourage reliance on the database rather than resorting to alternative sources and channels. This not only enhances return on investment (ROI) but also reduces expenditures on third-party channels.

The next step is to standardise formats to ensure consistency. If individuals adopt their own processes, it can result in inconsistent data. Therefore, it is essential to assess your data handling practices to identify areas for improvement. Your data is your most valuable asset.

Improve efficiency with automation

In this day and age, it’s common to use a variety of tools to gather data from a variety of sources. However, keeping up with all of those tools can be a challenge. That’s where automation is key: it enables you to perform manual tasks more quickly and with less effort. Automation can streamline repetitive activities, such as sending emails or organising information. In turn, you gain more time to focus on important tasks, like making meaningful connections with candidates.

Common pitfalls when incorporating automation

Before implementing any software or technology, it's important to evaluate your business requirements. Dedicate time to carefully evaluate the tools you intend to integrate. Will this new technology solve a problem your business is facing? And will it be compatible with the existing technology you have in place?

Also, bear in mind that while automation tools are valuable, excessive reliance on them is not advised, since technology can occasionally make mistakes. You must monitor your automated processes to ensure they are functioning correctly and to prevent errors. Additionally, be proactive in adapting and updating the automation as necessary.

Effective ways to boost engagement

The more impersonal the interaction, the higher the likelihood that your connection efforts will be disregarded. Include a human touch in your communication strategy. Consider sending amiable messages, providing useful information or initiating conversations with thoughtful questions. 

Avoid creating an impression of robotic communication, as people prefer genuine interactions. For example, sharing an interesting story and listening to your prospect’s story in return. Actively listen to their responses and strive for conversations that resemble a two-way street, allowing both parties to share thoughts and ideas.

Successful communication channels for engagement

Using multiple platforms such as LinkedIn, messaging apps and cold calling can be effective in establishing connections. Direct emails with personalised content have also demonstrated success, however, your personalised message has to go beyond the information you can find displayed on, for example, a prospect’s LinkedIn education section. Although that approach may yield results in certain instances, it often risks being overlooked.

Capturing your prospect's attention has become more complex and challenging due to the drastic increase in the competitor pool. There are a lot of messages competing for your prospects’ attention, and creativity is key to standing out. Consider diversifying your communication styles, such as incorporating videos or even voice notes as alternatives to written messages. This approach accounts for your prospects’ individual preferences and allows for more inclusive and engaging outreach. Once you know what your audience is more receptive to, you can make appropriate adjustments.

How can we help?

At Daxtra, we provide tools designed to enhance prospecting. Our AI-powered solutions can automate candidate data entry and deduplication, so your data stays organised and clean. We can also help you find top candidates for each job with our Search and Match solutions, so you can trust your database and make more placements. Want to learn more? Contact us to schedule a demo:

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