Plant a tree, grow your business: the SAP global tree planting initiative

Posted March 18th, 2021

A little more than two years ago we made our partnership with SAP official. We listed our two flagship premium solutions, DaXtra Search and DaXtra Capture, on the SAP marketplace, then known as the App Center. In February 2021, the App Center rebranded as the SAP Store, “the online marketplace where customers around the world can discover, try, buy, and renew solutions from SAP and our trusted partners.”

The SAP Store is a global marketplace, available in more than 200 countries and territories. It provides real-time access to solutions which can help companies grow and transform their business.

At DaXtra, we’ve also been making changes. DaXtra Search has transformed into DaXtra Search Nexus. Our recruitment search and match solution is now even more powerful. It can now:

  • intelligently categorize and group terms based on context
  • analyze your terms and suggest synonyms
  • generate a term cloud of related terms based on relevance
  • allow you to set the required experience and proficiency for each term.

When sourcing candidates, you can focus your search with pinpoint accuracy. You can view the most relevant candidates, intelligently ranked by the context of their experience and skills.

Our other premium listing DaXtra Capture, manages candidate data easily, consistently and efficiently, automatically loading candidate resumes into your SuccessFactors and saving 95% labor cost compared to manual data entry.

  • build value in your database with uniform structuring of data
  • enhance candidate profiles with rich structured data
  • eliminate errors and possible missed placements caused by manual record creation

DaXtra Capture is able to automatically deduplicate and load candidate data in seconds, from all monitored sources of incoming resumes to SuccessFactors.

DaXtra is a partner in the SAP PartnerEdge® program, allowing us to provide software applications integrated with the SAP SuccessFactors platform to enhance the user experience. Providing enablement tools, benefits and support, the SAP PartnerEdge program focuses on your specific business needs under a single global contract.

Another reason we are thrilled to be associated with SAP is their dedication to environmental initiatives. For more than 10 years SAP has been committed to making a difference to the damage caused by climate change, setting its first carbon reduction targets in 2009.

In 2020, they were rated No. 1 software company in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for the 14th consecutive year. SAP surpassed its previous years’ scores and increased its ranking relative to industry peers despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

SAP is using digitalization to help customers to reduce carbon outputs. SAP ` s to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal 13, Climate Action, in its battle against the damage caused by climate change.

In addition to what SAP is already doing to promote sustainability within its core business and operations, it’s recently launched a program within the marketplace and for every online purchase of a SAP Store product to plant a tree. SAP has a goal of planting five million trees by 2025.

“To further support the company’s tree-planting goal, Thomas Saueressig, member of the Executive Board of SAP SE for SAP Product Engineering, has penned a LinkedIn post about the company’s Climate 21 program and for every like or share of the post, SAP will plant a tree, with a goal of 21,000 trees,” according to SAP. So be sure to head over to LinkedIn to like and share Thomas’ post so we can get even more trees planted!

By integrating with SAP® SuccessFactors®, our solutions, DaXtra Search Nexus and DaXtra Capture, are able to deliver powerful and intelligent search and match tools with fully automated workflow solutions. We’re proud to partner with a company who is committed to environmental impact and puts value on the world around us. We’re happy to do our part to help fight climate change by listing our solutions on the SAP Store.

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