Recruitment tech investment and cost-cutting: a critical balancing act

Posted May 12th, 2020

DaXtra’s co-founding director, Sergei Makhmodov, discusses the benefits of investing in recruitment technology with leading Australian recruitment publication, Shortlist. Shortlist has been providing news to senior recruitment and talent acquisition professionals for over ten years with fast, independent, and accurate information to industry professionals. In this article, editor Jo Knox and Sergei delve deeper into the critical balancing act between cost-cutting and speed.

“In the quest for cost-cutting imperatives and the need to automate and speed up hiring, the latter is gaining the edge. COVID-19 has definitely sped up the process of companies bringing automation on board, says Daxtra founding director Sergei Makhmodov.

"Recruitment is an interesting industry, because there is no way we can automate the entire process – there is too much person-to-person interaction required," he tells Shortlist. But recruitment leaders who embrace technology to trim down their costs and retain their personal touch are those best placed to weather the downturn, Makhmodov says.”

This excerpt is reproduced with permission from and the full article appears here.

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