Where will recruiters see the most ROI using your technology?

Posted May 4th, 2020

Last week David Mercer took part in a webinar hosted by Louise Triance from UK Recruiter. In this discussion ahead of the Technology Showcase event taking place online next month, we show how adding DaXtra to your tech stack will significantly improve your recruitment processes.

The key points covered are:

• Where will recruiters see the most ROI using your technology?
• What's the No.1 problem that your tech solves?
• What’s the question that nobody asks tech providers but should?

Read on to find out how using DaXtra's multilingual CV parsing and powerful search and match solutions can solve these issues.

How can a recruitment business benefit from your product? Where will recruiters see the most ROI using your technology?

Our products reduce the time taken to process candidate data onto your database whilst ensuring you maintain data integrity. This means your recruiters get to the best candidates faster.
Where we provide the most ROI is in time saving. We are able to drastically reduce the time spent by employees so that they can focus on the core of recruitment: spending time with candidates and clients.

DaXtra manages candidate data easily, consistently and efficiently.
With DaXtra Capture you can automatically deduplicate and load candidate data to your database in seconds. This highly accurate parsing makes CVs available immediately, preventing delays caused by manual processing. It allows your recruiters to engage with candidates more effectively, knowing they have their complete, up to date information. You can track and manage the data source, to determine which marketing channels are attracting the highest quality candidates and report the ROI of job boards.

You can save even more time by automatically styling and branding CVs with DaXtra Styler. It can also anonymise the CV by removing personal details. This removes a substantial administrative burden for recruiters.

Finally you can use the powerful search and match capabilities of DaXtra Search, built on AI and machine learning. It uses natural language processing to find relevant candidates faster and match them to your jobs based on context and experience. Your recruiters will be able to find candidates in your database however they have been coded in the past. You don’t need to manually code candidates or learn complicated Boolean search methods. We make sure the best candidates are returned at the top of your list so you don’t have to manually sort through pages of candidates until you find the right one.

What's the No.1 problem that your tech solves?

The number 1 challenge we hear from recruitment agencies is that they can’t find the best candidates fast enough.
Often the best candidates will already exist within the CRM/ATS, in which the business has already invested significant time and money, and in theory contains unique candidates. The best quality candidate can sometimes be hard to find - which leads people to search externally, in the same places all their competitors are searching.
Whilst our CRM partners have built fantastic solutions that cater to many requirements, we have focused our time on searching/matching and understanding of CV/job data.
This means we are able to automatically build instant shortlists of the relevant candidates for any given job, based on their experience, skills and the context in which we have found them.

What's the question that nobody asks tech providers but should?

“How can I ensure the best adoption of your solution?”
Often not all the users are using the technology to its full potential - this is the case across all user-facing technology.
Sometimes it can be tricky to gain user adoption as there will always be a group of people who may resist the change, often because they have become comfortable or been successful using the old method and so they don’t see the benefit of changing.
For example, when Apple release a new iOS update to your phones, I always hear my friends and family complaining about the new update or that a button has moved or changed colour, but after a week of using the new version they can’t remember what the previous version looked like, and find the new update to be even better and easier to use.
My advice would be that the business owners need their consultants to buy into the decisions they are making. In most cases the business owners would have understood the challenges the consultants are facing, which lead them to explore a tech solution to solve these challenges.
Even before the training and onboarding starts, it is good to remind everyone why these changes are being made and how they can benefit all users. This is the best way to guarantee user adoption of your latest tech investment.

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