Recruiters Assemble at the UK Recruiter Technology Showcase

Posted June 22nd, 2020

Every June, hundreds of recruiters gather in the flesh in London to learn more about the latest Recruitment Technology. This year was a little different. Instead of multiple conference rooms, lots of handshaking and mini pastries to keep us going – the brilliant team at UK Recruiter moved the entire event online.

A Seamless Virtual Event

It was no small feat to move over 30 presentations from more than 15 recruitment technology vendors online, let alone keep up with promoting the showcase and ensuring every recruiter that signed up had access throughout the day. Thankfully the entire day ran seamlessly and to time. How many recruitment conferences can claim to achieve that?

How to explain DaXtra in 2 minutes

The most fun, and most challenging, part of the event is always the 2-minute speed pitch. It’s usually a frenetic pace with each vendor stepping up to give an in-a-nutshell overview of how their technology enhances a recruiter’s life. How the tech can make searching for candidates more effective, more productive and ultimately more accurate.

Our DaXtra colleagues David Mercer and Adrian Farthing were in the hot seat. In just 2 minutes, and to over 500 recruiters listening intently via Crowdcast, David conveyed how DaXtra helps recruiters make better placements, faster. He picked out two key challenges that recruiters like you face every day:

  • How challenging it is to find quality candidates, no matter what database you are using
  • How much time you can waste on manual admin tasks and working across multiple applications

Trying to squeeze in the benefits of our candidate matching technology in just a couple of minutes is not easy, but the headline was clear: we build value in your database, save you time, and help you find the best candidates so you can make better placements faster.

Diving Deeper into Recruitment Technology

After the speed pitches, each of the recruitment technology vendors had two sessions throughout the day to spend more detailed and quality time with recruiters. Here, we took a deeper dive into the specific recruitment tech. Recruiters could choose from CRM vendors (Bullhorn, Mercury xRM), recruitment website providers (RecWebs, Volcanic), social media and marketing solutions (Firefish, Green Umbrella MarketingPaiger, Talent Nexus ) through to online training providers (Recruiting Gym) and video interviewing platforms (Odro).

The speed pitches help the recruiters decide who to ‘hang out’ with throughout the day in their chosen sessions.

Once again David and Adrian were in the hot seat, sharing ‘How to maximise the value of your database; finding the best candidates across multiple sources simultaneously.’ If you missed the session or didn’t capture as much detail as you hoped – you can watch again here or, of course, you can contact us for a copy of the presentation or a 1:1 discussion.

We touched on how recruiters can get weighed down by data, so much so that it hinders rather than helps their placements. We talked about solving the problem of duplicate CVs and wasted time rebranding them before you share with third-party clients.

It was a lively session and for those who joined us, commented and contributed to the discussion, we thank you!

The Online Town – The Coolest Virtual Networking

The Recruitment Technology showcase was rounded up with online virtual drinks and complemented by quite possibly the coolest virtual networking we have encountered to date! The Online Town allows you to create a virtual room (or town). You have an icon which reminded us of characters from Super Mario Bros and can move around the room. As you approach people, you start to hear their conversation and see them via their computer mic and camera. As you walk away, they fade out! It’s a great piece of tech and we recommend trying it out for any virtual networking – professional or otherwise.

For now, a big thank you to the team at UK Recruiter and everyone who attended the event. We look forward to the next one!

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