DaXtra's Marketplace Showdown at EngageX 2020

Posted July 15th, 2020

It’s hard to believe that almost a month passed by since Bullhorn’s EngageX. Going into 2020 we anticipated another face to face Bullhorn event, for the first time in Austin, Texas. Little did we know what the first few months of the year would quickly turn into. Engage 2020 was speedily morphed into an immersive online experience — EngageX. It brought us some great sessions and terrific meetings and the DaXtra team was able to count this as a very successful event.

We were excited to be spotlighted in the EngageX Marketplace Showdown. Sales Director, Chris Wirt, gave his two-minute speed pitch which highlighted a few takeaways and how they relate to the changing landscape of the recruitment industry.


Chris mentioned our focus on resume parsing and AI advanced search and match technologies and how important it is to consider adding DaXtra solutions to your tech stack now.

As unemployment numbers grow, Chris pointed out that we are also in the middle of one of the biggest opportunities that this industry has ever seen. Now is the time to grow your database with good quality candidates who are looking for work.

He stressed that with predictions of a great number of jobs being added to the US economy in Q3, you’ll hugely benefit by having a system like DaXtra Search to automatically search and match candidates to jobs, jobs to candidates and candidates to candidates quickly, as we’re looking at an extremely competitive landscape as the future recovery gets underway.

It was good to connect with many of you at this virtual event and we look forward to the remainder of the year with wishes of discovery, growth, prosperity, and health. A big thank you to Bullhorn for keeping us all connected. And to our customers, partners and prospects we look forward to connecting and engaging with you in the coming months to put into action some exciting innovations.

If you missed us at the event, please feel free to contact us with any questions you have around automated recruitment technology or book a demo with one of our experts

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