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Labor Day and putting people back to work

Posted August 31st, 2020

In the US this coming Monday, as is every first Monday of September since 1894, we’ll symbolically mark the end of summer with the celebration of Labor Day.

This year will be a little more challenging as large gatherings like barbecues, cookouts and reunions are limited if not discouraged. So instead, let us reflect on the true vision of what Labor Day was meant to be — a focus on the American worker.

A creation of the labor movement, Labor Day constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country,” as defined by the US Department of Labor.

We’ve been through a great deal in the last few months. Due to the pandemic, millions have lost jobs while millions more have been declared essential workers and have worked through this crisis. We, as Americans are indebted to these individuals who are basically working the front lines as essential workers.

These are challenging times for those of us in the recruitment industry. They can be very rewarding as well. It is ever more important for us to match people and jobs and to put people to work not only for our profit, but for our economy and really society as a whole.

If you ever questioned the importance of your work, look no further. Recruitment has become a huge cog in the wheel of keeping the economy of America and the whole world, in fact, running.

Matching jobs to people and people to jobs is vital now more than ever. 

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In many ways critical to the performance of an organization, hiring the best person in the right position is a huge part of the recruitment process. The success of companies is dependent upon this.

With large numbers of candidates on the market, many looking for new careers, and with numerous new kinds of positions opening, your role as a recruiter is of great value. Your strengths, assets and the tools you use are your arsenal in winning this battle that will likely end up boosting the economy.

Perhaps this Labor Day should be spent reflecting on the workers as well as those who are helping to put people back to work.

— By m. Christine Watson, Marketing Director, DaXtra Technologies

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