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Posted June 29th, 2021

There was an amazing response to our recruitment process automation solutions this year at Bullhorn’s EngageX. I hope you were able to connect with us to learn more about DaXtra solutions and how they can work together with Bullhorn, further automating and streamlining your recruiting processes.

As one of Bullhorn’s first Marketplace Partners, we were proud to be a Premier Sponsor of this year’s event and to be among the notable solutions that strengthen and add enhanced functionality to your Bullhorn ATS. 

Hopefully, you were able to catch our EngageX Roundtable, Make your marketing spend count with better resultsIf you missed it, watch it at your convenience: 

Hosted by Bullhorn Global Account Director, Chris Dues, with DaXtra authorities Chris Wirt and Terry Bustamante, our Roundtable panel of customers and experts in their fields, included Amanda Marciniak, Maude Boivin, and Sarah Byrd. They shared insights on how they have leveraged their marketing spend to make their business a success.


Amanda Marciniak, Director of Talent Acquisition and Training at Matlen Silver, kicked off the panel discussion by talking about strategies around user adoption and how to give a delivery team every advantage.

“In the war for talent, we ask ourselves – how do we get the right talent? How do we get it faster? And, can we do it better?” — Amanda Marciniak

She discussed all that goes into planning and what is needed to produce the right results. Developing Super Users, whom other recruiters learn from and who help bring others on board in adopting technology is crucial. You need “champions for the cause,” she says, to help bring technology into the culture. Her suggestion was to show users the ROI in the tech, then keep up on the training so that using the tech becomes common practice. 

Automation with a human touch

Sarah Byrd, Senior Executive Recruiter and Account Manager, with Kester Search Groupgives a unique perspective on automation used in a small team environment. She talks about how automation may seem scary to many who don’t already use it. “What DaXtra offers is flexibility in the way their solutions are used.” Kester wanted a more hands-on, personalized approach, and they were able to pick and choose where their workflows were automated. 

“The team at DaXtra worked with us to figure out where total automation was needed and identified where we wanted to maintain more human control.” — Sarah Byrd

With DaXtra Capture, Kester Search Group can realize their long-term game plan, including:

  • getting more candidates into their database 
  • cleaning the existing and incoming data 
  • making sure that records are complete on the front end.

Another area where they needed improvement was using job boards effectively. By implementing DaXtra Capture, they have now doubled the number of candidates coming into their database, building their database, thus allowing them to make more placements from their database.

“The number of placements coming from our database has more than doubled — it has almost tripled since using DaXtra.” — Sarah Byrd

All of Kester’s candidates go through the DaXtra Capture’s parser, which Sarah says has been a real game-changer for their small team with a limited tech stack. With DaXtra’s parsing, they have been able to customize fields to work better with their niche market. This is something that other out-of-the-box parsers can’t offer. Recruiters would have to manually input skills and other data that are pertinent to their market, and they often don’t take the time to do it. With this technology, you can customize fields so it automatically pulls the information you deem important – notably for Kester Search Group — skills and source. Fields are automatically populated. This equals better data and better search results at no increased marketing cost.

“With DaXtra Capture, we’re now capturing candidates that we were missing before. And those records are coming in with complete information, so the searches we run can find those candidates because all their fields are completed and their keywords are tagged.” – Sarah Byrd

Enriched database and a decreased spend

The challenges faced by Maude Boivin, Vice President Consulting Services at FX Innovation, and her team were numerous when she joined the company about a year ago. Recruiters were wanting more resources, requesting more money for online sourcing, and were faced with little time and a smaller staff. 

Outdated and bad data can leave a database unsearchable. Cleaning the existing data and assuring the incoming data is fully enriched and structured is key in making a database searchable so placements can be made from within, rather than relying full time on external sources. 

“The candidates were in the database, but were not being found.” — Maude Boivin

By introducing DaXtra’s suite of products, FX Innovation’s database has grown and improved so much so, that in the year since implementing DaXtra their spend per placement has decreased by 30%. Their database is now enriched and searchable so that candidates living within can be found and placed.

Getting the most out of technology through training 

Another thing that the panelists stressed is the importance of ongoing training. Maude drove that point home by saying that because of DaXtra’s advanced and evolving search capabilities it’s important for her team at FX Innovation to stay on top of training to get the most out of the technology. 

With the efficiencies in DaXtra Search her team is finding the candidates in half the time it took before, and then candidates are automatically loading into Bullhorn so the system is updated. “We’re seeing the results and it’s quite impressive!”

At Matlen Silver, Amanda emphasizes that communications with super users to stay on top of day-to-day challenges and efficiencies is key. 

“To make anything work, you have to make it a priority — to make it a practice. We’re at a point now where I can go, I can pull those numbers, and I can see where we might have a bit of a gap. I can then schedule a training, get it on the books and get it done.” — Amanda Marciniak

Performance check

With DaXtra solutions, capturing, loading, and enriching the data within their database, then using Bullhorn’s robust reporting capabilities to gain insights, Matlen Silver, for the first time in many years, was able to keep their most successful job board at the same marketing spend. Amanda attributes this largely to DaXtra’s enhanced search capabilities within Bullhorn. 

With DaXtra’s sourcing attribution tool they were also able to eliminate underperforming job boards and reallocate the money to where it was needed.

Challenges Matlen Silver was faced with:

  • there were not enough candidates in their database
  • they were not making enough placements from the database
  • they were using job boards first instead of searching their local database.

The first thing Amanda wanted to do was to identify where recruiters were getting the candidates. And next, she wanted to know if the candidates were already in their database.

The diligence behind regimented data reviews is critical. She explains that because DaXtra Search is integrated within Bullhorn and is very customizable, you can build fields in the background that your recruiters don’t even see. It tags data and tells you where it came from. This gives insight into sources, and times and dates of all the updates made.

At Kester Search Group, Sarah uses analytics to see what job boards are performing. You can see the quality and number of candidates coming in. This allows for evaluation, and redistribution of marketing spend — reallocating more funds to the better performing job boards.

It’s quite typical for customers and prospects to come to us at DaXtra with a preconceived list of top-performing job boards only to learn, after we hard code the source tracking, that their list isn’t accurate. It’s often a real eye-opener for many to find out the true best performing sources of their quality candidates.

How we help

Our solutions are easily accessed from within your Bullhorn system, making remote working viable, and manageable by ensuring that all your candidates live in your central Bullhorn talent database, and not in recruiter email inboxes. With recruiters working from home your organization needs to ensure ALL candidates are populated into your system first and then routed to recruiters. 

DaXtra has long been at the forefront of the automated recruitment technology space. With constantly improving innovations that stem from the needs of our customers, we have our fingers on the pulse of the wants and needs of staffing professionals like you. We know that marketing spend is an important part of your business plan. And so are the results that this spend brings. We understand it is critical to keep costs down and improve efficiencies within your Bullhorn database. This is why we have solutions to help streamline and automate recruitment processes. Allowing you to lower your marketing spend while getting better results.

We have helped many in the staffing industry grow and prosper. Along with Matlen Silver, Kester Search Group, and FX Innovation, we’ve helped Apex Systems grow its business for the last 10 years. We’ve also improved the productivity of job board spend by increasing user adoption and capturing all resume views for Solomon Page. That’s why we’re excited to have the opportunity to help you too!

To learn more about how our solutions can help you, 
schedule a demo with one of our experts.

As always, we look forward to the opportunity of doing business with you!

About our panel

Amanda Marciniak, Matlen Silver

Amanda MarciniakAmanda Marciniak is the Director of Talent Acquisition & Training at Matlen Silver. In her role, Amanda has developed Matlen Silver’s formal training programs, including New Hire Training and Continued Leadership Development. She also oversees digital transformation initiatives, Matlen’s tech stack, and internal hiring. Amanda started her career as a recruiter in 2011, and her extensive knowledge of the staffing industry’s best practices has enabled her to develop many of Matlen’s standard operating procedures.

Amanda is passionate about empowering and developing others while uncovering the latest and greatest technology to improve the employee and candidate experience. She believes that combining talented teams with the best tools to do their job results in company growth and (most importantly!) happy, successful employees. 

A native of New Jersey, Amanda is a graduate of Rutgers University and is based in Matlen Silver's corporate office in Somerville. She enjoys spending her time with her twin daughters and husband.

Sarah Byrd, Kester Search Group

Sarah Byrd_headshots 2021Sarah is a 2011 graduate of Clemson University with 10 total years as an Account Manager, and for the past 6 years as an Executive Recruiter and Account Manager with Kester Search Group in Greenville, SC. 

Kester Search Group is a boutique executive search firm, specializing in placing high-level commercial operations positions throughout the US for a variety of healthcare and technology companies. Sarah has been a Bullhorn client since Aug 2017 and a Daxtra client since October 2019. 

Maude Boivin, FX Innovation

Maude Boivin headshotWith close to 28 years of experience in sales, recruiting, and management, Maude began her career as a Professional Recruiter for Kelly Services. Maude was quickly moved into management and evolved into the Eastern Ontario Region and Quebec Provincial Director role.

Her second career began at HCMWorks as the Senior VP of Operations. Maude operated numerous MSP programs within North America specializing in both Contingent Labor Management and Statement of Work Spend, across various industries. During these 14 years, she orchestrated the implementation of several programs using various Vendor Management Systems such as Beeline, Click Commerce, Emptoris, SAP Fieldglass, Ariba, ServiceNow, Provade, and PeopleFluent.

In January 2020, Maude joined FX Innovation as Vice-President Consulting Services. Her first mandate was to quickly transform the operations of that division. Her arrival coincided with the beginning of the pandemic giving her all the opportunities required to improve the current processes and bring about new systems to better overall efficiency. In addition to the automation of several processes, the integration, and improved functionality of certain applications, she also acquired new products such as DaXtra. All these improvements have enhanced the division’s performance by more than 15%. Maude enjoys taking on new challenges, transmitting her passion for a job well done, and surrounding herself with a team that shares similar values while knowing how to have fun!

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