Demystifying AI technology in recruiting

Posted February 8th, 2022

Sourcing and hiring can be a challenge for recruiters. But there are solutions that can simplify the process and greatly improve efficiencies.

In December, Daxtra Sales Director, Terry Bustamante, sat down with Ben Eubanks of Lighthouse Research & Advisory, to discuss the myths surrounding AI technology in sourcing talent.

In podcast Episode 133, We're Only Human, learn about the technology that can help recruiters build pipelines and source the best talent out there.

Podcast: We’re Only Human
Mythbusting AI in Talent Acquisition
Host - Ben Eubanks, Lighthouse Research
Guest - Terry Bustamante, Daxtra Sales Director 

This podcast focuses on solutions that deliver results using the best qualities of humans in combination with tools of technology. These results range from finding the best candidates to converting candidates to making candidate data want to work for you.

Skills-based hiring and unconscious bias

As HR professionals the last thing anyone wants is bias in hiring. There are far too many things that make hiring a challenge, yet we’re all guilty of unconscious bias. Whether it be making an unconscious name association, summing up an age or making an assumption regarding where someone lives. All of these are things that might go through our minds as recruiters skimming over a resume.

There are AI tools that can redact the information on a resume that might cause this bias, whether it be conscious or unconscious.

These tools also allow us to focus on skills-based hiring by concentrating our search efforts on the content and context of the resume. It leaves the bias-forming suggestions out of the equation, letting skill and qualifications take the lead when we search and review a resume.

Searching for the perfect candidate

Even if we’re now able to focus on skill and qualifications, we’re still faced with how to best search for candidates.

One of the things that can be most challenging is arriving at the search terms for each position you’re looking to fill. A recruiter may not know what each position entails, top to bottom. But suggested term clouds make the job of the recruiter much easier.

The great area of expertise that Daxtra can offer is our ever-growing bank of skills taxonomies. Daxtra’s parser machine learns off the hundreds of millions of resumes and CVs being parsed monthly. If you know a skill or two for the position you’re looking to fill, Daxtra’s proprietary algorithms offer synonyms, acronyms and suggestions of other skills related to the ones you’re searching for.

These clouds of suggested terms make searching much easier by doing much of the leg-work for you while leading you through the process.

Asking questions like – Do you want to include this in your search? Would you like to include these other related terms? It casts a wider net and captures more candidates with the skills needed for the jobs instead of searching a very limited, narrow scope.

Searching over your internal database first

Searching for talent is challenging enough, but sadly, a scenario often plays out that costs the company valuable time and money. A req drops on a recruiter’s desk and the recruiter turns immediately to online sources and job boards without considering what is in their own local database.

Why? Often, they don’t have confidence that the data in their ATS is reliable because they lack faith in the data’s integrity. Candidate data can get stale quickly. They’re not confident that the data is all there in one central repository and with good reason. Studies show that only a fraction of the candidate data paid for actually makes it into an ATS.

However, with a process that automatically loads data into the system, the numbers can completely turn around. This kind of intelligent automation in the form of data autoloading has grown indispensable to the companies that have implemented it.  

With automatic data loading, all candidate data, no matter what job board, email, company job portal or any online source it’s coming from, is automatically loaded into the ATS or CRM. Instead of buying the same candidate data repeatedly, data is automatically loaded and deduplicated or updated.

Marketing spends are optimized because all of the data is making it into the company ATS and building the database into a rich source of candidate data – a veritable goldmine.

The data within your database gives recruiters the candidate profiles they’re looking for and drives hires from within your system. In addition, recruiters can still search over external online sources while searching over the local database simultaneously.

Automation for the win

Advice given in this podcast boils down to getting behind and supporting automation if you haven’t already done so. Automation will happen sooner or later so best get on board and let automation do some of the heavy lifting, to regain time lost in menial tasks.

The reward will be that it will make your company more efficient and help you make more placements. Work/life balance is important more than ever right now. AI automation allows you the opportunity to be efficient and to succeed.

If you have questions about how automation can best work in your recruitment processes, contact Terry, or one of our team here.


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