DaXtra at the Recruitment Technology Innovation Showcase

Posted November 23rd, 2020

Rewind to a year ago and virtual conferences were few and far between. In November 2020 however, they are very much the norm, and it was no different for the UK Recruiter Recruitment Technology Innovation showcase this month.

Twice a year, the fantastic team at UK Recruiter invite leading recruitment tech suppliers, like us at DaXtra, to join their full-day conference. Without doubt, The Rec Tech Showcase is one of the paciest and most content-fuelled conferences recruiters can attend.

The Speed Pitches – Recruitment Tech in 2 Minutes

As always, the day kicks off with live 2-minute speed pitches from each technology vendor. It’s no small achievement to make this happen in real life, let alone when it’s online with presenters queuing up in a green room before they are brought onto the screen in Crowdcast. All this with 400+ recruiters watching and sharing comments in the chatbox!

DaXtra’s Enterprise Practice Lead David Mercer was centre stage for the speed pitch, sharing an overview of our technology and how it not only makes life easier for recruiters but allows them to find and place better candidates, faster.

The elevator pitches take discipline – you have just 2 minutes to summarise what your technology solution is, how it benefits recruiters and to promote your speaking sessions later in the day.

DaXtra in numbers

In the summary pitch it was hard to ignore these stats showing DaXtra’s imprint on the recruitment sector:

  • 100 million CVs parsed every month
  • Over 2,500 customers globally
  • 40 different languages
  • More than 2 million searches each month
  • 400+ integrations with leading applicant tracking systems and recruitment CRMs including many who were also presenting at the Rec Tech Showcase like Access, Bullhorn, Tracker RMS and Vincere.

How To Search and Match Candidates With Incredible Precision

The first of DaXtra’s in-depth presentations focused on how to search and match candidates with incredible precision. If you missed the session or want to catch up – you can watch it below.

David and our DaXtra colleague, Enterprise Sales Manager, Adrian Farthing talked through how poor data impacts recruiters when it comes to making placements. Your database is your biggest source of contacts and our research shows that more than 70% of candidates placed last year were already on your CRM. So, before you spend time, money and effort sourcing them outside of your system, let’s get the data in shape first.

By building value in your database, you have high-quality information that consultants can trust. When consultants have faith in the data, they work more efficiently and secure better results for everyone in the process.

Adrian and David took us through a short demo of DaXtra Search Nexus, our brand new solution, which allows recruiters to connect candidates to jobs like never before. With DaXtra Search Nexus you can search everywhere from one platform, allowing you to focus with pinpoint accuracy and view the most relevant candidates.

With our AI and machine learning at work in the background, each candidate is intelligently ranked by the context of their experience and skills. The technology is built using natural language processing which uses the context of language – making it a far superior tool when it comes to cleaning up data and finding those star candidates even faster.

Clean Data Powered by Automation

Keeping with the theme of maximising the value of your CRM and making more placements, David and Adrian walked us through what could be affecting the health of your data and how you can automate some processes to clean it up. You can catch the replay below.

Some of the factors affecting data health can include:

- CV backlogs, they can get stuck in consultant’s email inboxes, in LinkedIn mail and numerous other sources.

- Inconsistencies in how data is loaded into the CRM – you could have incomplete records, no profile at all, missing experience, no source and so on.

- Multiple systems are connected to the CRM - such as job board adverts, website, aggregated search tools - and each has its own way of creating or updating candidate data, which leads to inconsistent data. This affects the data health which means admins need to tidy things up. 

- Incomplete data – recruitment consultants sometimes take shortcuts which can lead to missing, often vital, data.

- Missing skill codes or input errors – spelling errors or localised terms can lead to searches being missed. Plus of course, there is not always context. If you are searching for Managing Director contacts, a database is just as likely to come up with everyone who has reported to the MD.

- Duplicate records in the database – if the CRM distinguishes differences in profiles, it is likely to duplicate them. Before you know it, your database is clunky and filled with additional, unwarranted records.

All of these can lead to a lack of visibility and poor quality data. Using DaXtra ensures clean data enters your CRM or ATS. It acts as a cleansing bridge between the data source and your database. Essentially, you take control of your data, connecting all incoming CV sources across the entire business.

On top of this recruiters can more accurately track the source of each candidate, allowing you to make more informed choices to drive your marketing strategy.

The DaXtra team showed how crucial it is to have clean, healthy data so recruiters to find and match them as seamlessly as possible.

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