Daxtra announces partnership with BOLD

Posted June 9th, 2022

Daxtra is excited to announce a partnership with BOLD. BOLD is one of the world-leading destinations for job seeker services and is well known for its online resume and cover letter builder technology.  

What does this mean? 

Every time you receive a document that was built on a BOLD platform and send it to Daxtra for processing you will now have the capability to read and parse the document with 100% accuracy as the information has been vetted by the candidate. This maximizes the integrity of your data, ensures no technology bias, and provides a better overall experience for anyone processing BOLD resumes or cover letters.

How does this happen? 

Working directly with the job seeker, BOLD makes the process simple. As the job seeker builds their document online using a BOLD property, they get the added benefit of securely saving all their job-specific data and information. With the permission of the job seeker, BOLD stores their information in the cloud and marks their downloaded resume or document with a code for Daxtra to read and instantly process at the time of a parse. This ensures that all the information provided by the jobseeker is completely readable and understandable by Daxtra’s parsing technology while maintaining the job seekers' look and structure of the document.  


  • If you are currently a Daxtra Parser customer, simply email Daxtra Support and have this new feature enabled on your parsing account or ask for Option Details to configure it on your own. 
  • If you are a Daxtra customer, but not taking advantage of our Daxtra Parser, contact your Account Manager for more details.
  • If you are not a Daxtra customer but would like a demo of our state-of-the-art parsing solution, sign up here.

Take advantage of this offer to maximize your data's integrity, mitigate technology bias, and for a superior experience for anyone processing BOLD resumes or cover letters.

About Daxtra Technologies 

Daxtra Technologies is a world-leading specialist in high accuracy multilingual resume and job parsing, as well as semantic search, matching and aggregation technologies.

Since 2002, Daxtra has been at the forefront of innovative recruitment process automation solutions. We support clients globally via offices across Europe, USA and APAC, supporting 2,500+ loyal clients who collectively process more than 100 million resumes each month. With 400+ ATS/CRM integrations available and the ability to parse documents in more than 40 languages, Daxtra is the software of choice for many multinational organizations, job boards, software vendors and recruitment firms alike. 


About BOLD

Since 2005, BOLD has established itself as a job seeker’s ally — providing online products, tools, guidance, and support to help job seekers make their jobs, careers, and workplaces better. BOLD’s more than 700 global team members in Engineering, Customer Engagement, Product, Marketing, Data Science, Design/UX, Research and Human Resources are passionate about helping people achieve their career dreams. Their team’s knowledge and expertise has resulted in award-winning AI-powered resume and cover letter builders, and job search tools that have empowered millions of job seekers in more than 180 countries to reach their professional goals.



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