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A DaXtra Technologies Case Study

64px-PDF_file_icon.svgA leading staffing solutions provider, INT Technologies was founded in 2000 and has experienced tremendous growth ever since. Its portfolio includes several Fortune 2000 companies. National Veterans Owned Business Association certified and a member of the Military/Veteran Resource Network, Veteran-Owned INT was named among Staffing Industry’s Analysts’ Best Staffing Firms to Work For, several consecutive years. They were also designated by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. five years in a row.

INT’s team of Senior Technical Recruiters, Client Managers and Consultant Support Professionals focus on building long-term relationships and providing unparalleled customer support. Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, they have offices throughout the United States.

The Challenge

To maintain the tremendous growth track seen by INT Technologies, while maintaining quality and dependability, INT felt the need for a more comprehensive ATS/CRM, including a better sourcing tool. Migrating from their past system to Bullhorn was a big leap, involving a decision that required much thought, planning and testing. The investment required was more than they were used to and this weighed on this decision, too.

The Solution

In meetings with Bullhorn, DaXtra Search was brought up as a product that could greatly improve speed and accuracy in sourcing capabilities. One of the deciding factors was that Bullhorn had a seamless integration with DaXtra Search.

Because of the gravity in changing systems it took a couple of years to make the switch to Bullhorn. DaXtra Search as a sourcing tool was a selling point in the decision to do that.

Along with sourcing speed and accuracy, the other factors influencing the decision to go with DaXtra were its aggregation capabilities and job board integrations.
Instead of searching each individual job board for qualified candidates, DaXtra allowed recruiters to search many job boards at the same time and results came stack ranked, from each individual job board. DaXtra also allowed recruiters to not only conduct searches using semantic terms, but to use Boolean search as well, which hadn’t been offered by their previous system.

The Results

INT conducted a side-by-side test using the technology they had, pitting it against DaXtra Search. Using the same specialized search criteria, for roughly every 20 candidates their technology turned up, DaXtra Search came back with 100. On average, they saw DaXtra turning out about five times the number of resumes as their previous technology. “The results were significant. Because of those results, we’re finding our recruiters are utilizing the tools more,” said Richard Krause, Vice President of Operations at INT.INT Search results graphic3

In using three major job boards, another unexpected result INT saw was that one job board who was ranking at the bottom with their previous system, now came in to be their top performing job board. It went from last place to first. Krause attributes this to the better integration DaXtra has with the job boards. Their previous system was limited to certain parameters, DaXtra had a better connection and was a better aggregator, altogether.

In the push to get recruiters onboard in using Bullhorn, INT found that increased results and the flexibility of using either semantic search or Boolean search led to a much higher usage of the new automated technology. There were the seasoned recruiters who were used to using Boolean Search, along with those who were more inexperienced who used semantic search and suggested terms — and all performed well with DaXtra Search. Krause explained that “from the beginner to the expert, DaXtra was able to accommodate all levels of users.”

Though there was an extra cost involved in moving from their previous system to Bullhorn and DaXtra, the results provided, justified the spend. There was a true return on investment.

The ROI being that it out-performed and was more efficient than their previous system, by far. Krause elaborated, “Most importantly with DaXtra Search, what it really came down to was the quality and quantity of the results. There was no contest — The extra cost was worth the better results.”

DaXtra hasn’t disappointed in the service department either. Krause made it clear that he was happy with the transition and integration process in his glowing review, “Honestly, DaXtra Search is a great product. The service there is fantastic. The support team has been great to work with — Super helpful, very responsive. From a service level, I couldn't offer any sort of criticism. I mean they're just fantastic! Everything's been great.”

Richard KrauseRichard Krause, Vice President of Operations, INT Technologies

Richard joined INT Technologies in 2008 as INT's Director of Operations and is responsible for managing many of the daily operations processes, corporate expenses and providing support to the Sales and Recruiting teams by assisting with INT's national capabilities strategy.