Tangent International cut the time consultants spent finding candidates by 85% using DaXtra solutions

A DaXtra Technologies Case Study

Case Study PDFTangent International has built a name over the last 40 years as a specialist in communications and technology recruitment and has witnessed constant change over that time.

They decided to embrace the fourth industrial revolution - to supply the talent needed for a smart, connected planet. This meant transforming their old org structures, teams and processes to evolve their business - Tangent International now supplies talent in over 170 countries worldwide.

The Challenge

Before implementing DaXtra, Tangent was using a bespoke internal CRM and had built their own indexing system. This had worked reasonably well but, as they looked to evolve, they needed to spend less time on the manual processing of candidate records and on constructing searches.

Tangent decided to move to a cloud-based CRM and selected Talent Rover (now Bullhorn for Salesforce) - recruitment software built on the Salesforce platform. They needed to ensure they had automation technology which would enrich their database, as well as a search and match tool that enabled them to find the most relevant candidates quickly.

The Solution

Although Talent Rover had already utilised DaXtra Components to deliver some search functionality within their CRM, when Tangent looked at the advanced search, match and aggregation capabilities of DaXtra Search and the automated bulk-parsing features in DaXtra Capture, they knew that these products would give them the competitive edge.

Since DaXtra had a seamless integration with Talent Rover and Salesforce, it was an obvious decision to continue utilising DaXtra's powerful search and match and accurate multilingual parsing capabilities with their new CRM.

The Results

"We have a database of thousands of candidates - DaXtra helps us to cut through the white noise to find people quickly."

Tangent's consultants depend on DaXtra Capture for highly accurate multilingual parsing - they use over thirty languages internally and have placed candidates of 150 different nationalities. Another key advantage of DaXtra Capture is the automated coding of CVs as they are loaded into the CRM. Tangent has a database of thousands of candidates, so DaXtra helps them to cut through the white noise to find people quickly.

"The entire candidate sourcing process used to take over 10 minutes. Now, within 90 seconds of finishing a call with the client, we can be on the phone with a suitable candidate."

The ability to search multiple platforms using DaXtra Search is a huge advantage. Tangent’s consultants can search across Talent Rover, job boards and social networks from one screen, with DaXtra Search’s matching and ranking algorithms enabling them to find the most relevant candidates quickly. Manually working through all the stages of the process, from pulling in the requisition, setting it up and registering it to running a search and pulling in candidates used to take over 10 minutes. Now it takes about 90 seconds from finishing a call with the client to getting on the phone with a suitable candidate.

Tangent International has now been using DaXtra Capture and DaXtra Search for eight years. They appreciate the service they receive from DaXtra – they’ve built a long-term relationship with their Account Manager, who they feel really looks after them. Kristian Martin, Sales Director at Tangent International says: “I would recommend DaXtra’s solutions to anyone using Salesforce – they integrate so well and always deliver on their promise, providing the results we need to evolve our business.”

Kristian MartinKristian Martin

Sales Director, Tangent International

Kristian Martin has worked at Tangent International for over 17 years. As Sales Director, Kristian leads Tangent's global sales strategy. He oversees the teams in their seven offices globally, with his responsibilities including learning and development, training and systems.