How DaXtra helped Solomon Page expand their resume parsing to thousands of resumes a month and increase their Bullhorn usage

A DaXtra Technologies Case Study


Solomon Page, a specialty niche provider of staffing and executive search solutions, was founded in 1990. They focus on providing customized solutions and building long-term relationships based on trust, respect, and the consistent delivery of excellent results.

Working with professionals of all experience levels across a variety of employment types, from temporary to executive search, they specialize in a wide array of functions and industries. Their various job functions include Accounting & Finance, Administrative, Creative & Marketing, Human Resources, Legal Services, Scientific & Engineering, and Technology. Some of the many industries they work with include Clinical Resource Networks, Fashion & Beauty, Financial Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Publishing.

Named as one of SIA’s Largest Staffing Firms for many years, along with a long list of other accolades, in 2019 Solomon Page made the Forbes “Best Recruiters” lists in both Professional and Executive Search categories.

They maintain fourteen offices across the United States and one in London.

The Challenge
Working with a popular recruitment tool that seemed obsolete and was not getting the results they were hoping for, Solomon Page found the usage of this tool dropping as their recruiters were somewhat turned off by the ‘old’ feel of the UI visually, as well as the fact that it was complicated to learn and felt inept and clunky.

While the idea behind the technology sounded good, it proved “very limited, difficult to use, visually unappealing and there were parts that didn’t makes sense and were never properly communicated and just felt like a very outdated tool,” said Training and Operations Director at Solomon Page, Mairin Breault.

The Solution
All things considered, the idea behind the software Solomon Page was using seemed good, but it just wasn’t working for them. They were hoping for something that, above all, integrated well with their Bullhorn ATS, was uncomplicated and would bring in good results, while keeping their recruiters engaged.

Although their previous third-party search solution sat within Bullhorn, the integration was very limited. They were looking for a solution that would sit and operate within Bullhorn, in a very cohesive fashion.

To meet their goal to onboard recruiters and increase the usage of their Bullhorn database, Solomon Page needed a tool that was appealing to users, easy to learn, versatile and would bring in good, useful and reliable results.

The Results
The UAT (user acceptance period) of DaXtra products proved an interesting one for Solomon Page. During the final testing phase of DaXtra Search, before go-live, a coveted “purple squirrel,” (a candidate with the right education, set of experience, and range of qualifications perfectly fitting the job's requirements,) was found. This clarified their decision.

The other factors that had swayed Solomon Page toward choosing DaXtra Search were the fact that they could search over their Bullhorn database and various job boards, all in one action, and all without leaving Bullhorn. The aggregated searches were able to run across multiple job boards and the Bullhorn database simultaneously, bringing in better, stack-ranked results.

DaXtra Capture then came into the picture and was able to automatically shortlist, deduplicate and upload candidate data straight into the Bullhorn database. This was rich structured data, complete with contact information and full education and work history. Now Solomon Page’s database is automatically updated every time a candidate sends an amended resume, keeping their records current and relevant. All of this automated and simplified the data entry and retrieval process with top quality data that was organized optimally to be searched over.

The other product in the DaXtra suite that impressed Solomon Page was DaXtra Styler, an add-on to DaXtra Capture, that automated the production of ‘formatted’ resumes. DaXtra Styler automatically brands and styles incoming resumes making them ready to send directly to hiring managers. It is uniform across the board, no matter who uses it, and it is branded with the Solomon Page logo. The uniformity and branding feature of this was the draw. What had once been a time-consuming, manual chore for the recruiters was now automatically done.

Breault shared, “From this perspective, all of these solutions were extremely important to us and ultimately the reason we decided to go with DaXtra’s full suite of products.”

“From an ROI perspective, to be able to search within our Bullhorn database first, before going to the job boards has been cost effective. We’re paying a substantial amount of money for our recruitment tools and expect to be able to see a return on our investment. So far, we’re happy!”

“Compared to our previous tool, DaXtra has a lot more capabilities and is just a simpler tool — far more streamlined filters and much less complex.”

DaXtra has given better results, is user friendly with an attractive UI, is easier to use and easier to train on. Plus, DaXtra’s stellar comprehensive training and support aided in the process of getting the tools up and running.

Breault went on to mention how DaXtra’s service team were great to work with in demoing and training the folks at Solomon Page on all of the products, working through the process, post implementation.

As far as ROI, we are now are parsing thousands of resumes and our Bullhorn usage has gone up. That has been a huge hurdle and a driving initiative for us this fiscal year. From a business perspective, using DaXtra’s products has definitely had a good impact,” said Breault.


Mairin Breault

Mairin Breault, Solomon Page Director, Training & Operations

Mairin joined Solomon Page in 2013 as Creative Recruiter, where she developed an interest in technology, training and operations for the recruitment industry. She then moved into corporate establishing the training function for Solomon Page, while creating and implementing process and recruitment tools for the business.