How Quanta made their recruitment process 5 times faster with AI-powered technology

A DaXtra Technologies & Quanta Case Study

Case Study Quanta Quanta, part of QCS Staffing, is a recruitment agency specialising in ICT and data centres, life sciences and renewable energy. For over 28 years, they have established long-term relationships, working with talented professionals all over the world. They unite people with life-changing industries, keeping people at the heart of everything they do.

The Challenge

After using a parsing tool from another provider for three years and experiencing low quality of service, issues with duplication and CVs getting lost, Quanta decided to implement DaXtra Capture.

Andy Hale, IT Manager at Quanta says, "We knew that DaXtra was the market leader and the best solution on the market". They wanted to spend less time on the manual processing of candidate records and needed to ensure they had the right automation technology which would enrich their Bullhorn database.

The Solution

Speed and accuracy were the main factors influencing the decision to go with DaXtra.
Issues with Quanta’s previous parsing system meant they were missing out on key candidates and wasting time. Hale says, “Before we implemented DaXtra Capture, someone from admin was spending 2-3 hours daily checking CVs. Now we can do it in 20-30 minutes.”
Quanta's consultants now rely on DaXtra Capture for highly accurate multilingual parsing - they have placed candidates of various nationalities across the world.

The Results

Quanta chose DaXtra Capture for various reasons – the first one is accuracy. They found that the parsing was consistently correct and dramatically improved the quality of their data. Having candidate records created or updated by one click of a button is a real advantage. With the number of applications continually increasing, it is crucial for them to be able to have rich, structured data at their fingertips, immediately available to match to relevant roles.

The second key benefit is speed. Hale comments, “Another key business challenge for us was the speed of getting information in and being able to make notes directly against our Bullhorn records. In the past when our consultants made calls, the CVs weren't in the system and we didn't have a way to log notes. DaXtra Capture is now able to automatically code CVs as they are loaded into our CRM.”

Hale goes on, “The amount of time saved with DaXtra is fantastic - our consultants can now focus on their tasks such as calling clients and candidates. It is also useful from a GDPR perspective - being able to check the job board source, we can control where candidates come from and answer when they ask where we found their CV. We know we can trust the data. By implementing DaXtra Capture we have saved a lot of time on routine administrative tasks and increased the number of CVs in Bullhorn." 
They appreciate the service they receive from DaXtra – they were pleased with the implementation process and they’ve built a long-term relationship with their account manager, who they feel really looks after them. Hale says: “I would recommend DaXtra’s solutions – they deliver on their promise, providing the results we need.” 


Andy Hale QuantaAndy Hale

IT Manager, Quanta part of QCS Staffing

Andy joined Quanta in 2012 as IT Manager and is responsible for all IT projects and installations. He is instrumental in all change projects, putting together several IT solutions to allow each process to integrate.