Pinpoint Asia Ltd: Increasing Efficiencies Through Intelligent Process Automation

A Daxtra Technologies Case Study

Pinpoint Asia is a specialist technology recruitment firm headquartered in Hong Kong and focusing on the Asia-Pacific region. Since 2007 they have been helping businesses of all sizes operating in the finance, insurance and commerce markets to find the best IT and technology professionals.

Pinpoint Asia's team pride themselves on helping their clients find the best people at the right time - actively scouting for the best possible talent. After integrating Daxtra's automation suite in 2016, Pinpoint Asia has continued to grow and has further expanded its operations into Singapore.

The Challenge

When Pinpoint Asia's Managing Director Vince Natteri first met with Daxtra, he highlighted a few main challenges that had created inefficiencies for his recruitment teams.

As a technology recruitment firm, Pinpoint receives large volumes of incoming CVs, many of which were ending up buried in recruiters’ inboxes and not making their way onto their Salesforce database. In order to create a candidate profile on the database, recruiters had to manually populate candidate information into the Salesforce fields - a time-consuming and costly process.

The speed at which recruiters could search their CRM database was also affected by the lack of a sufficiently robust and accurate CV search engine in Salesforce. Pinpoint had initially written custom scripts to find candidate CVs, but when using those scripts, it would often take three to four minutes to load a single search.

As the business expanded, Pinpoint realised that they needed a technology that would bring extra efficiencies and greater scalability to the business.

The Solution

To begin with, Pinpoint Asia needed a solution that would automatically extract and load candidate data from emails directly into their database. The key objective was to save recruiters’ time and minimise the amount of admin work they had to carry out. The solution also needed to seamlessly integrate with their Salesforce CRM system in order to improve the quality of candidate data stored there.

After seeing how quickly and accurately Daxtra Capture could handle these tasks, Vince realised this was the product they were looking for. Not only could it quickly create rich and accurate records for every candidate submission, it also employed an intelligent deduplication logic ensuring existing records are automatically updated when duplicate CVs are received. Since Daxtra Capture has been implemented, the process of data entry has been automated end-to-end, keeping the data on Salesforce clean, consistent and up to date.

In addition, Daxtra Capture tracks the original source of the incoming CVs which, in turn, enables better-informed decisions on allocating advertising budgets. Its ability to automatically track applications to jobs on the CRM is also a bonus.

"Having a database is one thing, but what you need is a meaningful database." Vince Natteri

Once the bottleneck with data entry and data quality has been addressed, the firm’s next objective was to help recruiters find relevant talent quickly and efficiently. As well as being fully integrated with Salesforce, the new search platform needed to be accurate and user-friendly. The solution Vince decided on was Daxtra Search Nexus.

According to Natteri, "technology can solve a lot of problems, and the first time I saw Daxtra Search Nexus, I understood it immediately. We knew it would add value for us."

Daxtra Search Nexus is built on the latest advances in semantic AI and natural language processing (NLP) - this approach ensures that search results are ranked based on context-relevance, which is similar to how recruiters compare candidates when reviewing CVs manually. Daxtra Search Nexus also allows combining full-text CV searching with structured filtering by Salesforce fields, enabling recruiters to be more specific when mining their talent pool.

"We can customise Daxtra Search so the fields that are important to us are the fields the recruiter can see. We have our own custom fields. Now recruiters can see their own notes as well as what's on the CV. With our old search process, we weren't able to find and pull out candidate CVs as and when we needed them" says Natteri.

The Results

Since implementing Daxtra, all incoming resumes are automatically loaded on the database, creating rich and consistent candidate profiles that are easily searchable.

"Our database is now more structured and more meaningful. Our recruiters can find more candidates quickly and efficiently. Without Daxtra, we would not have the same number of CVs on the database” commented Vince Natteri.

Identifying relevant skill sets on the database has also become much easier with Daxtra Search Nexus. Pinpoint Asia’s recruiters can now find and select highly relevant candidates for the roles in a record time frame, which is critical in this highly competitive industry. While previously running a single search would take a few minutes, consultants can now get the best profiles in front of them within seconds.

"Previously, we were driving a slow car, and now we're driving a Ferrari," comments Natteri.

With extra time on their hands, consultants can now send a higher number of candidates to their clients and focus more of their time on other revenue-generating tasks. "We send out more than double the number of CVs we did previously. Daxtra Capture and Daxtra Search Nexus are helping to save our recruiters time and be more productive.”

Vince has also been impressed with how easy Search Nexus is to use and how quickly Pinpoint Asia's recruiters had adopted the new technology and started seeing results from it. "Our recruiters use Daxtra Search daily. At the end of the day, recruiters want to make money, and you don't make money if you don't send CVs. So if recruiters know that there is a tool available that can help them make more placements, they're sold already and will use it."

Having been a client of Daxtra for over five years, Vince commented on the partnership: "I enjoy working with the Daxtra team in Hong Kong. Sergei understands what a user wants, our Account Manager at Daxtra is very responsive, and the training they've provided has been excellent. We're making more placements as a result of using Daxtra, and that is why we remain loyal to their services."

vince-natteri-photo-1-e1553769422802Vince Natteri

Managing Director, Pinpoint Asia Ltd

Vince Natteri is the Managing Director at a specialist technology headhunting firm Pinpoint Asia, founding the company alongside his business partner in 2007. For the first few years of his career, Vince worked as a programmer until his entrepreneurial spirit led him to the headhunting business. In his spare time, Vince is an avid ultra-marathon runner.