How CV-Library’s integration with DaXtra helped Pertemps target fresh candidates, quickly and effectively

A DaXtra Technologies & CV-Library Case Study

Case Study Pertemps Pertemps has been known for permanent and temporary recruitment for more than 59 years. Starting as an independent family-run business in 1961, it has grown to be one of the largest providers of staffing solutions in the UK. It is owned and controlled by its employees.

The Pertemps family now consists of many individual companies specialising in niche recruitment solutions and some specialist divisions with a regional focus, such as Pertemps Bristol Industrial, Driving and Technical.

The Challenge

The team at Pertemps Bristol Industrial, regularly recruits for warehouse operatives, drivers and mechanical fitters.

As the market has been largely candidate-led over the last few years, the team often struggled with searching multiple CV databases, staying ahead of the competition and getting in front of active job hunters as soon as they entered the market.

The Solution

The Pertemps Bristol Industrial team has been using CV-Library to fill their vacancies for over six years. CV-Library is the UK’s leading independent job board, with an extensive candidate database of over 15 million CVs.

Pertemps then added DaXtra Search and DaXtra Capture to their tech stack. DaXtra Search’s powerful search and match technology uses AI and machine learning to return the most relevant candidates, ranked according to the context of terms in their CV. Its aggregation capabilities allow users to save precious recruitment time by conducting searches across their database and multiple external sources, such as CV-Library, from one platform - DaXtra Search.

CV-Library’s integration with DaXtra Search makes it faster and easier for the team at Pertemps Bristol Industrial, Driving and Technical to find the best matches for their jobs. Users can save even more time by creating DaXtra Search Watchdogs. These automated searches run overnight across all sources and deliver a list of new matching candidates.

It was simple to set up access to the integration, and all users could then instantly access CV-Library's unrivalled database, directly from their DaXtra account. They simply ‘toggled on’ CV-Library under ‘All Job Boards’, entered their job criteria and hit ‘Start Searching’. They can view an unlimited number of CVs and simply unlock any they like to view the candidates’ contact details.

DaXtra Capture can then take care of the admin by parsing candidates’ CVs and automatically loading the structured data into the team’s Bond Adapt V11 CRM.

“I joined the Pertemps team in February 2017. The company was using CV-Library and DaXtra Search to help with their hiring efforts. Both tools are extremely easy to use and having the two platforms integrated just makes our recruitment process so much smoother.” Janine Robinson, Technical Resource Consultant at Pertemps Bristol Industrial

The Results

Overall, CV-Library's integration with DaXtra has helped Pertemps Bristol Industrial, Driving and Technical save a lot of time and effort in their hiring efforts. Notable achievements over a 12-month period include:

  • 5,624 CV searches made
  • 13,365 Watchdogs sent
  • 1,558 CVs downloaded

“The quality of candidates that we receive through CV-Library is excellent and the DaXtra Search Watchdog feature is particularly handy when we’re short of time. I would recommend both platforms to any recruiter who’s looking for an effective hiring solution, especially as the integration is so easy to set up.” Janine Robinson, Technical Resource Consultant at Pertemps Bristol Industrial.

Janine Robinson PertempsJanine Robinson

Technical Resource Consultant, Pertemps Bristol Industrial

Janine Robinson specialises in technical, industrial and logistics recruitment and looks after marketing for Pertemps Bristol Division. Her background includes roles at Blue Arrow focusing on hospitality sector recruitment.