Savings provided Jackson Physician Search by DaXtra Capture “is the cost of two associates’ salaries”

A DaXtra Technologies Case Study


Jackson Physician Search, a leader in the permanent recruitment of physicians and advanced practice providers to hospitals and health systems across the United States, has long been recognized for their track record of results built on clients’ trust. Their focus of bringing physicians and healthcare organizations together to improve the lives of patients, families and communities remains their mission.

One of Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work in Healthcare, they attract and retain the most talented and motivated recruitment professionals in the industry.

Jackson Physician Search is part of the growing family of Jackson Healthcare companies.

 The Challenge

As a rapidly expanding company, Jackson Physician Search (JPS), realized that along with growth came increased challenges with client and candidate interaction. They also saw their database growing and recognized the need for improvement in the incoming data quality. The other challenge that growth brought was the need to reinforce compliances with business practices. JPS came to understand the best way to make it over these hurdles was to either hire a team of associates or find an intelligent recruitment process automation tool or tools, that could supplement their established workforce.

The Solution

Through extensive research, weighing the cost of hiring a new team versus the investment in a recruitment process automation solution, JPS arrived at the conclusion that a recruitment automation tool offering real time data and increased accuracy of data would best satisfy their desired needs. It was also more cost-effective than hiring even one associate.

They then began the task of deciding and ultimately choosing, among all the solutions on the market, which technology would work best for them, considering quality, service and cost. They arrived at the choice of DaXtra Capture, as this solution, not only because the technology was a viable answer to the quality, service and cost considerations, but DaXtra had a history of being experienced and very capable.

The Results

The results JPS has seen in using DaXtra Capture have been astounding. Roxane Mondibrown, JPS’s Data Management and Automation Specialist said, “The cost savings provided by DaXtra Capture for JPS is the cost of two associates’ salaries.”

In evaluating their processes, JPS saw that recruiters were not consistently entering candidate information or consistently entering applications in Salesforce because they did not see the candidate/application as fit for their current position/client. Though their hardworking recruiters believed they were saving time; what they didn’t comprehend was the value of a rich, accurate database and accurate information for evaluating their applicant management system as a whole. JPS realized they were losing critical candidate information which could be helpful and valuable in future evaluations. In addition, they didn’t have accurate data points to determine the ROI of their job board sources nor did they have accurate information about job posting activity which could help recruiters and management determine if low activity issues were innate to the job or if the posting needed an update.

DaXtra Capture has completely solved these compounded compliance issues. Because of this, they are now more able to accurately evaluate the value of their sourcing job boards, giving them a better glimpse at what works and what doesn’t.

Mondibrown feels that DaXtra Capture surpasses similar products on the market in its ability to fully customize processes for their business model within the Salesforce environment. “DaXtra Capture is a far superior offering than other products on the market,” and she would definitely recommend DaXtra products to others who are looking to increase recruitment efficiencies.

Working with DaXtra Capture has changed the way JPS does business. The hours saved in automating the applicant entry process has increased time for recruiters to be on the phone speaking with candidates in one-on-one interviews. It has provided their data management team time to work more on analysis projects rather than catching up on data entry projects. Overall, JPS has seen an incredible increase in productivity, companywide.

Mondibrown shared her experience as someone who inherited the onboarding of DaXtra Capture. She said the entire DaXtra team, “turned a frustrating transition into a professional and pleasant experience for my company. They took the time to understand our business and learned our business terminology while teaching me theirs.”

The DaXtra team was able to add customizations to the DaXtra Capture tool which aligned with critical fields in the JPS Salesforce org.

“By working together with the team at DaXtra, we created what I see as a capture tool customized to our specific Salesforce instance, complete with company goals and business processes. Because of DaXtra Capture, we are confident in our data points which will help us make sound budgeting decisions and decisions regarding our applicant management process. And it will supply information for recruiters and their managers regarding the performance of every job post,” says Mondibrown.

Now that JPS is capturing more accurate data than previously possible, Mondibrown looks forward to using the data to forecast what situations provide the most value to clients and potential clients, defining what they do best and separating JPS from the competition.

Mondibrown goes on to praise the relationship, “It has been a great partnership and I am advocating the use of the DaXtra Search tool for our company, next!”


Roxane Mondibrown headshot

Roxane Mondibrown, Jackson Physician Search, Data Management and Automation Specialist


Roxane joined Jackson Physician Search in 2016. Her previous experience of being a top producing private investigator provided her the skills and acumen needed to execute leadership as the Data Manager of a private physician recruiting firm. Working within a Salesforce CRM, she has been instrumental in integrating and working with several automation tools. Her expertise on how vital accurate data is to marketing efforts, daily business processes and reporting has placed her in the role of a coach, guiding executives in corporate decisions made on a daily basis.