How Frank Recruitment Group drove productivity with Daxtra's automation and matching tools

A Daxtra Technologies Case Study

Frank Recruitment Group is a global leader in IT resourcing for the contract and permanent markets. Founded in 2006 in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, it now has 21 offices across four continents and seven specialist brands.

With 1,600+ recruitment consultants globally, Frank Recruitment Group successfully integrated Daxtra Search, Daxtra Capture, and Daxtra Styler with its Salesforce CRM in 2017.

The Challenge

Frank Recruitment Group's consultants were dealing with a huge volume of manual work. They were receiving candidates into multiple locations, while also searching across LinkedIn and job boards, so were having to log in to multiple platforms to review candidates. They had to add candidates manually into their CRM and then add skill codes - which was a huge time outlay for recruiters.

The Solution

Frank Recruitment Group was about to implement Salesforce and wanted a solution which automated all this admin work to free up their consultants' time. Salesforce recommended Daxtra as a solution that could be easily integrated with its CRM to enhance productivity.

Frank Recruitment Group decided to use Daxtra Capture to process the millions of CVs it receives each year. The Daxtra team built custom templates in Daxtra Styler to anonymise candidate CVs and reformat these to match the company identity for each specialist brand. Frank Recruitment Group adopted Daxtra Search to enable its consultants to search across Salesforce, job boards, and LinkedIn through one interface, while using the intelligent ranking feature to display the most relevant candidates first.

Daxtra also implemented bespoke skills mapping, by analysing Frank Recruitment Group's skills dictionary and mapping to Daxtra's skills taxonomy - machine learned from processing billions of CVs.

The key factors which influenced Frank Recruitment Group to choose Daxtra were:

  • Languages: Daxtra parses in 40+ languages and, most importantly, supported Japanese, Chinese, Norwegian, Finnish and Estonian.
  • Support: Daxtra offered regional support from its offices across Europe, the US and Asia Pacific, which was important for Frank Recruitment Group's global operations.
  • Search: Daxtra offered an integrated search and match solution.
  • Experience: Daxtra's solutions were tried and tested within Salesforce and the Daxtra team had extensive experience integrating its technology solutions in to Salesforce.

The Results

The introduction of Daxtra has dramatically cut the amount of time Frank Recruitment Group spends on administration, freeing employees up to work on more valuable tasks.

Using Daxtra Capture, the time it takes to process CVs and add them to the company's database fell by 90%, while also delivering a near-human level of accuracy.

Daxtra Styler has helped Frank Recruitment Group format CVs ready for presentation to clients 70% faster.

And with Daxtra Search, employees are able to scour the company database and external job boards 80% faster than with the previous process, which involved searching these platforms one by one. Daxtra Search also allows recruiters to pinpoint profiles within the internal database far more accurately and efficiently than with the CRM's native search engine.

In an industry that thrives on relationship and business development, Daxtra has reduced the amount of time employees need to spend on essential but time-consuming administrative jobs. Daxtra offers a solution that takes care of these tasks quickly and delivers high-quality results, giving recruiters more time to focus on developing vital relationships and matching candidates with the perfect role.

Mark-Hill-Frank-Recruitment-GroupMark Hill

Chief Information Officer, Frank Recruitment Group

Mark joined as Chief Information Officer in 2017, bringing over 25 years’ IT experience to the business. A Tech Leaders Awards’ CIO of the Year nominee, Mark has led the business through countless digital transformations and strategic business change initiatives across the organisation. He also takes a leading role in developing the firm’s Strategic Alliance strategies. Before joining Mark specialised in delivering complex mission-critical technology across both Capital Market and broader Financial Services sectors.