How Daxtra helped C4 Technical speed up resume processing time by 72%

A Daxtra Technologies Case Study

Positioned as a leader in the staffing industry, C4 Technical Services focuses on recruiting for the Information Technology, Telecommunications and Engineering sectors. 

Their insight into the IT and Telecom industries gives them the advantage of providing everything from contractors for projects requiring expert temporary staffing to direct-hire searches for key positions within organizations. 

This family-owned business has the experience and knowledge to handle a range of clients from small to large with varying needs. With contractors located in a majority of the 50 states, their clients include small locally-owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies and their base continues to grow. 

The Challenge

As C4’s business grew, the procedures and technology it relied upon were struggling to keep up. With the acquisition of a new, very large and successful client the manual task of reformatting multitudes of resumes became a burden taking up valuable time. In the first few months, this new client brought in a backlog of 1,250 resumes that needed to be reformatted. This process was taking eight to 10 minutes per resume.

This meant that this simple, yet crucial task would take a daunting 167-208 hours to complete. And this was just the beginning. Every month they were expecting to have around 200 additional incoming resumes. So, each month they would need to plan on spending roughly 27-33 hours of precious time on this one task — for this one client. Add to this, established clients’ incoming resumes, and more new businesses and their resumes. The process needed an update — a solution that could efficiently process resumes.

The Solution

It wasn’t long before Jeff Eddins, Account Director with C4, realized that though business was good they needed a solution that could help manage this situation, so consultants’ (or recruiters’) time wasn’t eaten away by this one task. 

Jeff had previously worked with Daxtra solutions and was familiar with Daxtra Styler (an add-on to one of Daxtra’s core products, Daxtra Capture). Daxtra Styler automated the production of formatted resumes. It could brand and anonymize resumes and cover sheets in a standard format to send to clients. But Jeff needed a stand-alone product, so reached out to Daxtra for help.

It so happened that Daxtra was developing the product he was looking for - Daxtra ReformatterDaxtra Reformatter is a stand-alone tool, embedded within the ATS or CRM, that brands, formats and anonymizes resumes. It converts any resume into a Word document right inside the system and allows editing of the record with parsed information all on one page. 

The task is made simple by selecting the resume from available files on the candidate’s record. The original resume appears on the left with the resume’s parsed information on the right.

The recruiter can make real-time edits, move sections around and can add new information. There are multiple templates from which to choose. It offers great flexibility with the ability to customize templates.

Real-time previews and the ability to download the data to the desktop or add it back to the Candidate’s File tab are functions that have been highly praised by recruiters and consultants.

The Results

Since implementing Daxtra Reformatter, processing resumes has seriously sped up for C4. For one client alone, that backlog of 1,250 resumes was processed in roughly 52 hours as opposed to what would have previously taken around 188 hours. That is a saving of around 136 hours – so processing has been accelerated by 72%!

Because recruiters’ time equals money, this breaks down to around $3,672 that was saved on the bulk processing of the backlog of resumes.

“Before, processing resumes was taking a great deal of time. Now, we’re saving significant time and money with Daxtra Reformatter.” — Jeff Eddins, C4 Technical Services

As for the monthly processing of roughly 200 incoming resumes, these can now be processed more quickly saving 22 hours and $573 each month, for this one client. Multiply that by each client and you have significant savings of both time and money. 

Being able to process resumes within their ATS is also a game-changer for C4. It has made the whole process easier. And when questions arise, Daxtra's Client Services team is quick to respond.

Between the product and customer service, Daxtra comes highly recommended by C4:

“Customer service has been top-notch. I can reach out to anyone at Daxtra and they get right back to me. If there’s a question they don’t know the answer to, they find out and let me know right away. And Reformatter is a seriously good product — we’re saving money.” — Jeff Eddins, C4 Technical Services

Between the significant time and money saved and the superior customer service, Daxtra Reformatter has significantly improved the way C4 Technical handles resume processing. Its ability to brand, format and anonymize resumes at record speed has been transformative to C4's processes.


Jeffery Eddins_HeadshotJeff Eddins

Account Director, C4 Technical Services


Jeff has been with C4 Technical Services since 2012. His background in the IT and telecom industries gives him an understanding of industry dynamics. He has earned the trust of clients and candidates by understanding the needs of both, and matching experienced professionals with the right opportunity.