Roundtable: Make your marketing spend count with better results

Posted June 2nd, 2021

Are you looking for an opportunity to learn more about optimizing your recruitment marketing spend?

With so much recruitment automation software available, how do you know which tools will provide valuable streamlining and automation for your range of recruiting processes? Many challenges faced by staffing professionals revolve around inefficiencies, lost time, and wasted money. 

There are tangible ways to fix many of these issues and make your marketing spend go further through automating sourcing processes.

Join us at Bullhorn's EngageX 2021 for our roundtable —

Make your marketing spend count with better results
Wednesday, June 16 – 12:40 pm

DaXtra authorities, Chris Wirt and Terry Bustamante along with Bullhorn representatives, Alanna Graves and Chris Dues, will discuss with our panel of industry experts, the key strategies you need in your marketing plan to deliver the best results.

The panel includes Amanda Marciniak, Director of Talent Acquisition and Training at Matlen Silver, Maude Jamison, Vice President Consulting Services at FX Innovation, and Sarah Byrd, Senior Executive Recruiter and Account Manager, with Kester Search Group. They will share their insights on how recruitment automation fits into their successful business workflows. 

Did you know Kester Search Group, faced with the challenge of getting incoming applications and resumes into their database, implemented an automation process that in over the course of a year, more than doubled the number of candidates making it into their Bullhorn database? All without increasing their marketing spend!

Did you know that FX Innovation was under-utilizing their job board views by 79% until they implemented measures to assure that 100% of their job board views of candidates were landing in their database?

The information shared in this roundtable will help you make valuable decisions that drive a better return on your recruitment marketing dollars.

Topics covered will include:

  • Strategies top recruitment firms are using to increase efficiencies
  • How to get the most value from your job board spend
  • What successful firms are using in their tech stacks to get the most out of Bullhorn
  • How to leverage job board performance metrics and tracking for future success

What are your challenges? What changes can you make to get better results from your marketing dollars?

Gain best practices for optimizing your recruitment marketing budget and planning a successful strategy in our EngageX 2021 Roundtable: Make your marketing spend count with better results. This is an interactive roundtable where audiences can share stories and ask questions, so come prepared.

Register here for free access to all EngageX 2021 keynotes, breakout sessions, and customer roundtables with Bullhorn experts and Marketplace Partners. Once in the platform be sure to sign up for our Roundtable on June 16th!

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