Daxtra at UK Recruiter's Recruitment Agency Technology Showcase 2022

Posted June 16th, 2022

On Thursday 23rd June, we'll be sponsoring and taking part in UK Recruiter's Recruitment Agency Technology Showcase. This year's event will be taking place between 9:30am - 5pm at ISH Venues, 1 Park Crescent, London W1B 1SH.

UK Recruiter is bringing together a comprehensive lineup of the best recruitment technology and social media companies in the UK to help you improve your skills and move your business forward. Daxtra will be joined by ETZ, Rectec Compare, Wave, SourceWhale, Green Umbrella Marketing, SourceBreaker, Logic Melon, OneUp Sales, Hinterview, Liquid Palladium, Cloudcall, SourceFlow, Paiger, hireful RPS, Adway and Referoo

The day will start with a keynote speech and introduction from LinkedIn’s Alex Charraudeau, who will give insights into the latest market trends and share tips on how recruitment companies can gain a competitive advantage through their tech stack. Each supplier will then give a two-minute elevator pitch, detailing what they do, what they provide and how they can help you. The sessions are a great way to get insight into the technologies each company provides and to see what solutions are out there to help your business. 

After a networking lunch, each vendor will be giving a twenty-minute speed demo so you can get an overview of their solutions and learn how they can potentially help your business. Attendees will also have the chance to check out thirty minute masterclass sessions throughout the day, where an expert from each attending business will give a deep dive into a key trend that’s affecting the recruitment industry today.

Our masterclass session, ‘Are you really still using Boolean to find candidates?’ will be taking place at 2:30pm and will be hosted by our Corporate Account Director Daniel Locke. Daniel will examine some of the challenges recruiters experience when using Boolean. He will also look at how AI search technologies have made it easier for recruiters to find candidates and make more placements. 

Learn more about the latest recruitment solutions at the Recruitment Agency Technology Showcase and see how they can help your business. You can register for the event here

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