PORTERS launches “PORTERS IMEX CV Parsing” in partnership with DaXtra

Posted April 16th, 2018

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PORTERS launches “PORTERS IMEX CV parsing” in partnership with DaXtra in May

Porters Corporation announces the launch of “PORTERS IMEX CV parsing”, on May 15. DaXtra provides CV parsing technology which automatically extracts data accurately across multiple languages.

Tokyo, Japan: April 17, 2018 – Porters Corporation, providing PORTERS HR Business Cloud (HRBC), a comprehensive cloud-based matching solution for recruitment, today announced the forthcoming release of “PORTERS IMEX CV parsing”, which automatically extracts data from candidate resumes.

Porters Corporation, which provides a comprehensive cloud-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS)/CRM for Recruitment Agencies "HRBC" is collaborating with Daxtra Technologies Japan Ltd. to bring to you DaXtra’s syntax analysis technology, DaXtra Parser, and Porters’ automatic candidate data registration service, PORTERS IMEX CV Parsing which will start in May 2018.

Porters provides HR-Business Cloud to over 1,300 recruitment agencies and staffing agencies across 11 countries. Porters also provides PORTERS IMEX, an automatic candidate registration service from multiple job boards. The need to develop this service first arose from overseas followed by international recruitment agencies which do not necessarily use many job boards but handle large volumes of resumes.

Using our CV Parsing solution, candidate data in various formats (pdf, excel, word) is automatically and accurately extracted, by just dragging and dropping, and imported into HRBC. Although the data can directly be imported into HRBC, it is also possible to view the original file and the data to be imported, and edit it if necessary before importing.

DaXtra's syntax analysis technology "DaXtra Parser" has its own AI engine and machine learning function, which analyzes the content of the resume or curriculum vitae by reading plain text as if a consultant was reading every paragraph.

"PORTERS IMEX" is a technology that realizes the automation of data import from multiple media, and by linking these two technologies we brought to reality the release of this service for accurate automatic candidate data registration.

As a result, HR businesses in Japan and overseas can achieve highly accurate candidate data while at the same time achieving a substantial reduction in the time spent on manually registering candidate data.

Porters will provide this service from 15th May 2018. In the first version, the import of single files will be provided at no charge, and a multiple files import version which will be released in June 2018 will be provided for a fee.


Sergei Makhmodov, CEO, DaXtra Technologies Asia, said:

“At DaXtra we are delighted to partner with Porters, Japan's leading recruitment CRM provider, in order to bring extra efficiencies to our mutual customers and streamline their business processes. Together we strive to bring the best in breed AI-powered automation technology to recruiters, helping them to focus more on finding the right jobs for the candidates and vice versa.”

Koji Nishimori, CEO, Porters Corporation, said: “We are very pleased to release PORTERS IMEX CV-Parsing by collaborating with DaXtra technologies, a leading company of parsing technology not only for Japanese customers but also global customers. In addition to our strength in high customization, accurate matching, media linkage, this collaboration increases the value of HR-Business Cloud.”

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