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Posted July 26th, 2013

Competition amongst recruiters is always very high, which is why the launch of recruitment website- TalentPuzzle – raised a few eyebrows. The idea behind the website is that recruitment agencies pitch for the job vacancies posted by companies. Employers have visibility of each agency’s pitch, as well as historical performance statistics such as percentage interview rates and the average number of days to fill a placement.

It can be argued that TalentPuzzle may simplify the process of facilitating employer/recruiter engagement. It uses metrics such as fees, percentage interview rates and the average number of days to fill a placement to differentiate the recruitment agencies signed up to the website; however these metrics are very basic and do not truly reflect the long term success rate of an agency.

In order to establish an accurate appreciation of a recruitment agency’s success, employers need to have visibility of the number of candidates that have passed the three, six and twelve month probationary period. This information demonstrates an agency’s ability to identify the right candidate with relevant skills, experience and interest for the placement long-term.

The process of sourcing and engaging with quality candidates can often prove to be an arduous task and is the real challenge for recruiters. Those agencies that invest in intelligent technologies that readily collate candidate details from multiple sources - CVs, social media and previous agency interactions - in one central location, gain a complete picture of candidates’ relevant abilities and experience. This not only reduces the time spent identifying the most suitable candidates for each placement, but also increases the likelihood of a long term placement.

Employers that are shortsighted with their recruitment requirements, focusing on the speed of filling a placement rather than the quality of candidate chosen, risk wasting time and money spent training someone; only for them to leave the company six months or a year down the line. Working with agencies that exploit intelligent recruitment technology to closely monitor candidates and their suitability, therefore creating a personalised recruitment service, will enable companies to be confident in the quality and long-term prospects of their hires.

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