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Searching High and Low

Posted April 8th, 2013

The Global Recruiter magazine recently caught up with DaXtra to get the low-down on the latest in the recruitment process automation software world of CV & job parsing and search & match Technology.

The role of CV analysis and parsing technology has always been to take the headache out of the sifting process for recruiters who,having placed their job vacancy, are swamped by responses. The use of recruitment process automation software such a DaXtra’s CV parsing, search and match technology takes the administration burden away from the recruiter who, without it, would have to spend days – or weeks even – wading through profiles on paper or electronically just to find the candidates who tick the right boxes on the most basic level.

DaXtra: a tool that should be in every recruiters’ artillery’. There is an ongoing ‘talent war’ raging. Finding the best candidates first not only determines your success as a recruiter, but also has an impact on the relationship you have with your clients. Technology in a recruitment environment is only beneficial if it makes the recruitment process quicker, more thorough and aids the recruiter to win this ‘war on talent’.

The aim: to fill job vacancies quicker with the best candidates first. DaXtra is the technology every recruiter should have as part of their ‘artillery’.

Why? With the growing plethora of online recruitment sources, coupled with the growing need of a reliable, up to date in-house database, CV parsing, search & match technology has become increasingly sophisticated: no longer is there dependency on structure or form filling. It is now possible for the technology to find the required qualifications, skills and experience, weigh competencies and even assess the context in which these were gained.

This increased sophistication has meant that this technology also extended its reach: As recruiters have headed into the social media arena to hunt for the best candidates so too has CV analysis & search – with the ability to now search multiple online recruitment and in-house sources whilst accurately ranking the results.This gives the recruiter the ability to ensure a high quality candidate shortlists – in faster turnaround times.

The full article also covers the subject of multilingual challenges of the international online recruitment arena and how when this technology is integrated within current in-house recruitment database, it can be blended with the skill of the recruiter to create the perfect recruitment process.

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